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B&B Spoiler Alert 10/12!

1While the Forresters are getting their asses handed to them by Bill Jr., will Katie see the light? It’s possible. This week, Katie finds herself in yet another conundrum that involves the Ass God, Bill Jr. Donna and Brooke, meanwhile, will continue their “fight” against Bill and his corporate takeover. Steffy receives some good advice. Will she take it? For more of what is going down on B&B this week, click on the link. Jillian’s got the latest deets at Daytime Confidential. Thanks

B&B Spoiler Alert! Sandy Sommers Comes To Town!

Sarah J. Brown begins her stint as the sultry Sandy next week and she will have her eyes set on Nick. We are not sure why. Look for old school flashback action between Donna and Justin. Sounds fun. See what else is in store for your favorite B&B denizens at Jillian’s B&B Spoilers by clicking on the link! Thanks!