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B&B: Eric and Stephanie REDO?!

Last week, Steffy accomplished the impossible and managed not only to get Forrester Creations back into Eric and Ridge’s 1hands, but Taylor and Stephanie’s as well. This week, Eric and Stephanie will have a heart to heart about Eric’s desire to have Stephanie back at Forrester. Eric will also proclaim his love for his ex wife. Does this mean that Donna can kiss her “honey bear” goodbye? Maybe not right away, but Stephanie will continue to hold on to hopes that she and Eric will one day reunite. Since Jennifer Gareis is pregnant, she will have to take a maternity leave. This means that Eric and Stephanie will have time ALONE. What do you think about Eric’s flakiness? Should he be with Donna, or Stephanie?

B&B: Will Bill Sleep with Steffy?

This week, Steffy takes her plan to nab Bill for her own to the next level. As per her usual inappropriate shenanigans, Steffy 1will show up in Bill’s office with an offer of an already purchased lunch. Intrigued as always, Bill will accept. Steffy’s machinations will continue as she stages an “intimate” moment with Bill just as Donna is walking by playing I-Spy. Donna will run right to Katie with the news of what she witnessed and another fight between the Spencers will ensue. Katie leaves during the argument due to an important business meeting, but Big Baby Spencer will assume that she ran out on him again. The always ready, willing, and skanky Steffy will show up to offer her condolences. Bill may just be so upset that he will accept them! Is Bill willing to risk everything just to have sex with Steffy? If so, he seriously loses cool points with me.

B&B: What Does It All Mean?!

Things are going to get very ugly this week when Brooke spills the beans to Katie and Katie spills the beans to Bill. Bill 1will confront those dastardly Forresters about their Dare line and the plan to take him down. Words will be said, and Katie will be forced to choose between her family and the husband that she loves and adores. Katie, the loyal sister as always, will walk away from Bill and their marriage after stern warnings from him not to. Will Bill go running to Steffy for comfort? Judging by this pic, Steffy might just get her man after all, but at what price?

B&B: The Worst Is Yet To Come


Last week Eric showed Bill a preview of the new Dare line and may I just say that Stuffy was looking like a walking, but ill, disco ball that just came out of a bad 80s’ movie. However, it looks like that wasn’t the worst Eric has to offer. This week we get another sneak peek at the new line and it’s just as bad. Heck even Donna is stunned by the atrocious outfit on Stuffy. Speaking of Donna, I can only hope the dress she’s wearing is part of the Dare line cause it isn’t that good either.

B&B: Will They or Won’t They?


When soap weddings are rushed, it is a good sign that the wedding may not go as planned. Who am I kidding? No soap wedding goes as planned. Will Bill Jr. and Katie make it down the aisle next week on B&B? I hope so. Not because I want Katie and Bill to be together, but because I want to see what else Bill can get her to fall for and do. Judging by this pic from this week’s SID, the Logan’s are ready to give this union a try. I think Steffy Forrester might have something to say about it though.