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B&B Bulletin for May 24th!

Brooke, Katie and Bill are concerned after they rescue Stephen from a potential catastrophe. Bill encourages Donna to seek retribution. Despite Eric’s pleas, Donna stands by her terms for a divorce settlement that includes half his interest in Forrester. Donna’s divorce terms upset Steffy. A marriage officially comes to an end. For the rest of next week’s B&B Bulletin, click here.

B&B Bulletins 5/17

Hope and Brooke have a heart-to-heart conversation about Oliver, and Hope admits to her mom that she’s falling for Oliver.
Taylor confesses her concern for Steffy to Whip. Steffy seduces Oliver to lure him to her side, but he stands by his commitment to Hope. Turned down after her latest attempt to win Oliver, Steffy shows him a vulnerable side by talking about the pain caused by the Logans and the loss of her sister. Steffy’s opening up to Oliver makes him sympathetic to her. For the rest of this weeks Bulletin, click here!

B&B Bulletin 5/3 and May Sweeps Update!

Taylor and Stephanie suggest that Brooke retire as a spokesmodel and surprise her with a replacement for Brooke’s Bedroom. Stephanie confesses to Thorne her hopes for her future. Bill pushes Donna to hold Stephanie accountable and helps her finalize her list of demands for Eric to save their marriage. Bill arranges a meeting between Donna and Eric where he acts as a mediator. Donna gives Eric her list of demands, which include a three-item ultimatum. Donna leaves Eric when he doesn’t agree to all her demands. Stephanie comforts Eric and reminisces with him about their good times together. Pam finds her own creative way to get Donna out of Forrester Creations, using a guy named Mack to play a prank on Donna. Hope and Oliver grow closer as a couple, with Hope getting weak-kneed after Oliver kisses her. For a break down of the B&B May Sweeps preview, click here. B&B Bulletin has it all!

B&B Bulletin 4/12

Stephen and Beth Logan return to L.A. as Beth’s mental state shows serious signs of deteriorating. The Logan sisters get a reality check when they see their mom’s mental state. Stephen and Beth face off with Stephanie to defend Donna. Eric is torn between wanting to help Donna’s mother and hurting Stephanie, and he ultimately invites Beth and Stephen to stay with him and Donna. Stephanie’s anger escalates as her dreams of reuniting with Eric seem dashed. Beth and Stephanie soon end up in an argument over Beth’s presence in Eric’s house. For the rest of the B&B scoop, click here.

B&B Bulletin 4/5: NEW!

After Eric refuses to change his mind about Stephanie staying with them, Donna walks out on him. Trying to find Katie, Donna reaches out to Bill when her sister is not home. Bill reminds Donna that he warned her when they first met about Eric’s connection to Stephanie. Bill advises Donna to go back and fight if she wants her marriage, since walking out only hands victory to Stephanie. Donna takes Bill’s advice and returns home to make up with Eric, but she still has a sense of foreboding about the state of her marriage. Donna confesses to Brooke and Katie that she fears she may be losing Eric. For the rest of this week’s scoop, click here!