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B&B Spoiler Alert 10/12!

1While the Forresters are getting their asses handed to them by Bill Jr., will Katie see the light? It’s possible. This week, Katie finds herself in yet another conundrum that involves the Ass God, Bill Jr. Donna and Brooke, meanwhile, will continue their “fight” against Bill and his corporate takeover. Steffy receives some good advice. Will she take it? For more of what is going down on B&B this week, click on the link. Jillian’s got the latest deets at Daytime Confidential. Thanks

Krazy Kristel’s B&B Predictions!

Here’s what I think is happening next for the finest families in LA…brooke-logan

Stephanie has been suffering from the aftermath of a minor stroke that will eventually drive her to announce her resignation from Jackie M. The whole team will be both shocked and saddened by the news, except for Jackie, who will be furious at Stephanie’s rash decision. That is, of course, until she finds out the truth and the reason behind that decision. As for Nick, he’ll be busy orchestrating a plan to show Stephanie how much she means to Jackie M.

In the midst of all this drama at Jackie M, Jackie will still have an outside threat to deal with. That is Stuffy of course! Look for Stuffy to get wild and “kidnap” Owen on the Shady Marlin. There, she will have an accident that will make her see Owen in a whole new light. Recently, Nick has been a supporter of Jowen relationship but that may change after Owen tells him about what happened between him and Stuffy.

Katie is going to find and watch a DVD that Bill Sr. left for Bill Jr. in which he asks Bill to “avenge” Stephanie by bringing down the three people who have hurt her the most. Those three people include Eric Forrester, Brooke Logan and Donna… After watching the DVD, Katie will have some doubts about Bill’s real motives. That won’t make Katie see the light and she’ll continue with the plan. When Brooke and Donna accidentally watch the DVD and try to convince her that Bill can’t be up to anything good, Katie will shock her sister with a response and a request.

Bill will keep going after The Forresters. Now that he has Forrester Creations, his next purchase will be the Forresters’ very own beach house. The winnings won’t stop there for Bill; a war of words between he and Ridge will leave Ridge losing one more thing to Bill… In an effort to prove to Katie that he’s not using her, Bill will give her a very lavish gift.

Justin and Donna will be having some 80’s flashbacks as they start their secret love affair… (Poor honeybear)

This time, the gossip piece is going have Nicket fans not unhappy. Word is that there will soon be a new storyline involving a surrogate mother who becomes obsessed with Nick… The role was first going to go to Gina Tognoni until she decided to sign with ABC soap One Life To Live, so could this be the role and the story line that Sarah J. Brown signed to play on B&B???



B&B Babble

Not much to report about B&B on this holiday weekend, but here’s what we do have:

Jackie will fire Whip per Owen’s demand.

whipOwen will change his mind and rehire Whip.

Whip will discover Jackie’s prostitutional past online and show Jackie.

Jackie will struggle on whether to tell Owen about her sordid past.jackie

Nick will encourage Jackie to stay quiet about her dirty secrets.

Ridge will make nice with the crew at Jackie M and Rick!

Thomas may not be as forgiving as his dad. Does this mean that he will go evil again?