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What Grown Ass Women Should NOT Be Doing


I make no apologies for my adoration of Heather Tom, but I have to ponder what the hell she must be thinking while acting out her scenes as Katie on B&B as of late. It’s bad enough that Katie is now a full on Logan through and through, but now this! I decided to tune in to today’s episode only to turn it off within the first two minutes. Who is writing for this show right now? This particular scene must have been written by a man and here is why: Brooke, Donna, and Katie. Jumping up and down in slinky pajamas with drinks in their hands….enough said. Only a man could write that scene and think that it wouldn’t be a complete and utter failure….

B&B: What An OxiMoron!

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For years, both Stephanie & Taylor always taunted Brooke about being the little “slut from the valley”. Taylor always told Brooke what a bad mother she was and that thanks to all her sexcapades & scandalous affairs, her kids would all grow up and be disturbed people due to the unstable childhood Brooke provided…
Skip ahead a few years, and it looks like Bridget grew up to be a successful doctor and then a successful head designer for Jackie M. Bridget also had her share of bad relationships with messed up guys but she is now married to the man she loves and finally planning the family she has always wanted.

Now on the other hand, we have Steffy (a.k.a Stuffy), who is Ridge and Taylor’s beautiful spawn. Steffy first went after Marcus just to later dump his ass and jump in bed with his cousin, Rick, who was her father’s worst enemy. Steffy watched her mother and father lose their mind over that relationship for months until she finally broke it off. Steffy jumped on to her next prey, which happened to be Owen, a married man committed to his hot cougar wife Jackie M.

When that attempt at love failed, Steffy has recently jumped on to yet another innocent (ok maybe not so innocent) prey. This time it was Bill Spencer Jr., a newly engaged man planning his wedding. You would think that might have stopped her from grabbing his hot ass and putting a quick kiss on him, but no, it didn’t…
So now after all this, which woman’s spawn do YOU think turned out better???

True Colors: Katie Logan B&B


We rarely find B&B’s Brooke Forrester to be a pillar of wisdom, but we must give credit where credit is due. Little sister Katie is getting a lot of attention thanks to her new “love” with Bill Spencer, Jr. At first, a humble Katie tried to take it all in stride but it is becoming painfully obvious that she is starting to let it all go to her head. Brooke pointed out that after living in her sister’s shadows, Katie was finally the center of attention and loving it just a little too much. Katie denied this of course, telling Brooke that what she and Bill share is the real deal. Now that Katie is operating CEO and Bill’s wife to be, Bill wants to make it obvious who he thinks the queen of Forrester Creations should be. We were subjected to another Forrester Royalty photo shoot today at which Bill kindly shoved Brooke out of the spotlight and replaced her with Katie. Katie’s facial expressions were smug as she soaked up the attention of the crowd as well as her fiance. Brooke and Donna, looking beautiful as well, faded into a dull blond background while Katie appeared luminescent and angelic. Obviously, Katie is anything but angelic as she continues to prove daily. A true Logan Linx she has become, but thankfully, we like Katie this way. Taking things that don’t belong to them is what the Logan girls do best!

B&B: Name That Dog!

1It is really hard to make it through an episode of B&B without laughing your ass off at something that was never meant to be funny in the first place. B&B has no shortage of ridiculous storylines and the latest Jackowen debacle is no different. Suddenly, Owen wants to have a baby and apparently, Steffy is the only fertile young thing in town. Jackie is beyond the years of child bearing and has generously offered to let Owen go so that he can become the father he wants to be. A desperate Owen has tried to find ways to have his cake and eat it too, and the topic of surrogacy has come up. Finally, Jackie just gave up, telling Owen and Steffy to do the damn thing and procreate already. Owen isn’t ready to give up on his beloved Jackie M just yet, so today he offered up a brand new solution. Adopt a puppy! Under normal circumstances, this may not be that funny. However, Jessica and I were discussing the hilariousness of the character names on B&B and how they all follow a very distinct theme. In lieu of Owen’s brand new idea, we have come up with some fitting names for the “new addition” to the Knight family. They are as follows:

Quartz, Topaz, Charcoal, Fossil, Diamondique, Brick, Cinder, Ore, and last but not least, Stream.

Also, we took it upon ourselves to go ahead and pick out the puppy for Owen and Jackie. We know how busy they are, running a major fashion house and all.


B&B Spoiler Alert 10/19

Looks like Bill Jr., aka Ass God will continue to play Katie like a small violin while trying to work over the 1remaining Logan Linxes. Steffy continues her mission to nail herself a hottie (Owen). Ridge and Eric vow not to lose their cherished company. Want more? Hit the link. Soaps.com is waiting for you with the rest of next week’s B&B scoop!