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If My Broke Ass Were Going To The Emmys…

I can almost bet my life that I will never see any form of red carpet, much less the Daytime Emmy red carpet. I too am a woman who wishes that just for one night, someone other than my husband (and preferably much more buff) will take me away from boring life as a housewife. Since that is NEVER going to happen to me, here is a little taste of what I would wear if I had the chance to play Cinderella for one day:

Vera Wang is still my favorite red carpet designer. emmy2 When I think Daytime Emmys, I think light and airy, yet still sophisticated and glamorous. I think this Vera Wang gown just about covers it.

harry winstonMost of the “princesses” of the red carpet wear Harry Winston to add bling to their style. This Harry Winston ring is perfect and goes with the Grecian style of the dress.

Normally, I am a “less is more” kind of girl. However, earrings are a necessity. These beautiful diamond vine earrings are unique and fitting for the gown I would choose, and are also Harry Winston.earrings

A girl can dream…………

What An Asshole!: B&B

I am not sure how you would classify Owen Knight after today’s episode of B&B, but I definitely call him an asshole with a capital A. Was Jackie wrong for smooching and canoodling with Whip? Maybe so. owenHowever, how can Owen judge when he conveniently omitted having a twin since he came on the show?

Soap marriages usually turn out to be boring and tedious, or short and explosive. I have the distinct feeling that the Jackowen union will be the latter. Whip is more suited for Jackie, if ever a man could be suited for her. Owen is deemed by many, including myself, to be a temporary whim of boy toy fancy for Jackie.

owen and jackieWhat was irritating about this couple’s argument today was Owen’s lack of respect for Jackie’s feelings. He was like a child whose feelings had been hurt. I almost expected Owen to ask Jackie for a band aid. He reduced Jackie to tears and laid out a thick carpet of guilt for her to step on. It was pathetic.

According to next week’s spoilers, Owen will cave into Jackie under the condition that she stay far away from Whip. I don’t think she will be able to do it. I wouldn’t be able to!

Jackowen or Jip?: B&B

Remember just a couple of months ago when Jackie and Owen were the hottest thing on B&B? I do too, and I wish I didn’t. What was an exciting couple has turned into joke. owen2Their marriage, if you can call it that, is based on sex and the fact that Owen is fun to have sex with. As much as I love to see Brandon Beemer in his black boxer briefs, I would really like to see him tackle some serious storyline as well. That is, if the writers of B&B were capable of such a feat. That’s for another day…

Enter Whip, who I was certain would be paired with ex-wife Brooke. Stephanie hired Whip to handle some things for her, but I am not sure that Jackie was one of them. Regardless, our conniving business man has taken quite a liking to our local cougar.

jackie and whipSo what is the prognosis, you may ask? This week, Jackie and Owen will get into a marital spat and Jackie will sleep with Whip.

Prediction: Jackie will find true love for the first time with Whip, but stay with Owen, struggling with the love of both men, yada, yada, yada. Owen’s true motives for marrying Jackie will be exposed by Whip, and Whip and Jackie will be together. Then, when Jackie is done with Whip, she will trade him in for a younger, less intelligent companion, as usual.