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One Life To Live: Dani is a Damsel In Distress

What is a girl to do? Her father, who she has not yet developed a relationship with, is in big trouble. Her sister, Starr, is a wreck because of their father and because of her boyfriend, Cole. Her mother just got some horrible news, and she can’t make up her mind about Matthew and the new guy. What’s going to happen when Todd is found guilty of killing Marty’s baby? Whats going to happen when Tea dies from her brain tumor? Whats going to happen Starr gets arrested for trying to tear Hannah apart? Whats going to happen when Matthew and new guy get in a fight because of Dani?

I don’t know if any of those things are going to happen, but one thing is for sure, Dani is going to freak out about whatever happens.  There is a good possibility that Tea may die from her tumor as it is rumored that Florencia Lozano is leaving the show. So what does that mean for Dani and Todd? Will she finally accept him as her father and build a relationship with him? Will her mother’s death send her straight into Matthew’s arms? And, if Tea dies, will Blair become her psuedo mother? There are a lot of possibilities! We’ll just have to wait and see!

Thanks for reading and remember, you only have One Life To Live!

The Best Eppy EVER!!!!!!!!/OLTL

toddandtea Today’s episode of One Life To Live might possibly be the best eppy ever!  So many great things happened! First and foremost….Todd had honesty pouring out of his pores today! He finally broke it down for Tea and told her he loved her. He was sweet and powerful, and vulnerable and I fell in love with all over again!

The second big thing that happened today….Gigi and Rex having a huge fight! I was so impressed with these two today! They were amazing…I particularly loved everything that came out of Gigi’s mouth, including the part when she screeched “my bitch of a sister”–it was classic and it was GREAT! Follow this argument with some angry sex and you’ve got yourself a true Soap! I’m gonna need to see more of this, well, more of the sex, everyday!

The third big thing that happened today? Layla finally got clued in that Fish is gay! Yes, the Fish is out of the water so to speak. What is so sad about this though is the fact that she found out from some random guy she had never met before. We know him as Nick, Kyle’s new fling. I love that she went straight to Cristian! Lets hope these two finally get together! Lock them in a fridge again if you have to!

There were other small, yet great, things that happened today. Like Blair referring to Tea as some sort of Bitch everytime she could. And then there was Schuyler who was drugged up, thought he was with Gigi, got a clue and then threw Stacy out!

This might be my favorite episode of all time. But thats just my opinion!

Thanks for reading! Remember, you only have One Life To Live!!!

The Awful Truth/OLTL

gigischuyler On today’s OLTL, there was a lot of truth being told. Schuyler broke it down for Gigi and told her that his feelings for her will not go away and all he could think about was kissing her again. Ok Sky, then just do it already. I get that Gigi cares about him and doesn’t want him to leave, but she is kind of leading him on, and that makes me mad at her.  After leaving Gigi, Sky was clearly upset and went back to his apartment and took out his frustrations on his belongings. Enter Stacy. She couldn’t have planned things better. Before going to Sky’s, Stacy was with her friend Kim while she got ready and plotted. Kim cheered Stacy on by grabbing Stacy’s boobs, a whole handful of boobage…I didn’t know they could do that on TV!

Today we got to see a whole new side of Charlie Banks. He was PISSED at the Mayor for pulling permits for his latest project. Charlie gave the Mayor an earful and then Doria wistfully stepped and whisked the Mayor away to talk to him about her own plans. Viki realized that because the Banner was not endorsing the Mayor, he pulled the permits on Charlie’s project. Of course, Charlie did not blame Viki and instead talked to her about running for Mayor herself.

We saw more of Elijah and Tea and the threat tossing that they do today. Obviously whatever Tea’s secret is will effect Todd in some way as she does not want him to know. I’m guessing there was an abortion, or an adoption, or maybe the kid is still alive, either way, there is a child involved….I’m just sayin…..

Speaking of Todd, we got to see another side of him today as well. Marty told him that maybe the only way to get him out of her head would be to get into his. She agreed to have a session with him and they actually had a meaningful conversation. At one point Todd asked if this was his session or hers, to which I thought would blow the whole thing to hell but it did not. When leaving Todd had a very honest moment and told Marty “I don’t want to be in your head, I don’t want to be the reason that you can’t move on with John,”—to which I said “WOW!!!!” That is why I love Todd.  I am hoping that Todd continues to see Marty and that they both are able to heal and get along. That would really be something.

On a side note, I am kind of really liking Rex and Blair working together. They are fun to watch!

Thanks for reading! Remember, you only have One Life To Live!

Del-Got-To-Be-A-Hoe OLTL

teaandtoddToday we learned that Todd was not proposing to Tea after all. In stead of a shiney diamond ring, a shiney key was in the small box that Todd tossed to Tea. He then asked her to move in with him at Dorian’s. Talk about hell on Earth! Tea, Todd, Blair, and Dorian all under one roof?! Yikes! Tea something in french and rejected his offer. Todd pleaded with her and she referred to La Boulie as a Harem…isn’t that another name for a whore house?! Anyway, he informed her that he wanted her and only her. He was really quite sweet. She continued bashing Blair and Todd encouraged Tea to hit Blair again. Then he embraced her, asked her to give in a little, and asked if he could kiss her boo-boo.

At La Boulie, Dorian filled Blair in on Todd and what he was going to be offering Tea. Blair went off the deep end, referring to Tea as Del-Got-To-Be-A-Hoe. She was not pleased that all of this was Dorian’s idea. The goal? To keep Blair away from Todd and help her get over him. Goodluck, Dorian!

Over at the Palace Hotel, Greg, Shaun, Rachel, Matthew and Destiny were dicussing Matthew’s lawsuit. Rachel quickly accused Greg of being behind the whole charade and he informed the room that he was tired of people assuming the worst of him. Destiny piped up and told everyone it was her idea. Rachel and Matthew argued about it and then Rachel asked Greg if he would agree to do the surgery if Matthew did win. Greg said that Matthew needed to decide if walking again was more important than his family. Once things were settled down, Rachel invited Shaun to the rehearsal dinner and Matthew invited Destiny as well, leaving Greg all alone.

Nora tried to call of the wedding because of the lawsuit, stating she was to focused on it and not on the wedding. Clint convinces Nora to go through with the wedding as planned but once Bo left he accused her of using the lawsuit as an excuse to postpone and questioned her about her real reasoning for calling the wedding off. They chatted and she insisted that the lawsuit had taken over her mind. Clint tried to smooth things over saying this was all his fault and that he would make it better. He told Nora he’d pay Dr. Evan’s double his rate to get him to not perform the surgery. Clint has officially become the next Asa!

Gigi took Rex to the parking garage to see the damage Stacey had done to the car. Meanwhile, Stacey has been released from the hospital and went to Rex’s loft. She fantasized about Rex and him professing his love for her and being overjoyed that she is pregnant with his child. Back at the garage, Rex calls Bo to come check things out. The talk about the charges they can bring against Stacey. Then Bo asked how Rex got the blood from Stacey. Rex told him she wanted to trade up sex for the blood and he stated that he couldn’t do that again. Bo raised an eyebrow and questioned Rex. Rex told him he had slept with Stacey. This led to a discussion of telling Gigi. Bo was not happy that Rex was keeping such a secret from Gigi. Gigi had gone to find Stacey and found her at the loft. She told her about the charges that she’d be filing but offered her a deal. She said she’d drop the charges if Stacey would leave town and never bother any of them ever again. Stacey informed her that she had one more card in her deck to play.

Another great week on OLTL! Hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for reading and remember, you only have One Life To Live!!