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Venice the Series: Peter Reckell IN for Season 2!!

This just in via email from Crystal Chappell and Venice the Series:

We are thrilled to announce that Days of Our Lives’ Peter Reckell will join the cast of Venice for Season 2. He will also attend the fan gathering on July 10, 2010 at The Universal Sheraton in Universal City, CA. Hope you will also join us that day to welcome Peter and say hello to the entire Venice Team.

How awesome is that?!

The 411 Superstar of the Week: Kristian Alfonso


Scandalocity was brewing in Salem last week with Bo and Carly hitting the sheets. We saw it coming, and so did Hope, but that didn’t soften the blow when she found out her hubby bedded his ex. Kristian Alfonso acted her ass off, throwing her keys across the room and telling Bo: “Welcome to your worst nightmare”. Hope gave Carly the business as well, calling her a whore. Can we blame her? Big props go to Kristian Alfonso for showing us that Hope still has the gonads to stand up for whats hers.

Incoming search terms:

Peter Reckell on BlogTalk Radio

Here’s what Peter just said in regards to the current Days stories:

“[Carly coming back] is really interesting because it’s not a normal love triangle. Bo and Carly’s relationship happened when Hope wasn’t even around. Everybody thought she was dead. So there’s this level of relationship where they were going to get married, and Carly’s a pretty substantial presence coming into Salem and Bo and Hope’s lives. It’s going to really stir things up. Bo and Hope are having some problems anyway, so having Carly come into the picture kind of heightens things.”

“Carly killed Lawrence and Vivian is his aunt, so Vivian wants to avenge his death. It’s uh… things are heating up here at Days of Our Lives.”


Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso are taped an episode of “30 Rock” on October 15th.