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B&B Bulletins 6/21: Oliver Thinks Brooke’s Actions are Intentional!

After someone is shot, Stephen’s plot for revenge against Stephanie takes a turn. Stephanie warns Brooke that she’ll seek revenge for what Stephen did to Pam. Stephanie declares that the Forrester-Logan war is back on. The memories of what occurred at Hope’s graduation party haunt Brooke and Oliver, who continue to hide what they accidentally did. Hope tells Oliver how she was conceived out of an affair between her mother and Bridget’s then-husband, Deacon. Based on what he learned from Hope, Oliver accuses Brooke of intentionally having sex with him! For the rest of the scoop, head to B&B Bulletins by clicking here!

B&B Bulletin 4/26

Hellbent on reclaiming Forrester Creations, Bill views the end of Eric and Donna’s marriage as a means to an end. Bill advises Donna to go after half of Eric’s share of Forrester in a divorce, but Donna isn’t sure she should go to those lengths. After Stephanie agrees to his request to move out, Eric tells Donna he doesn’t want to end their marriage and asks her to come home. Evidence of an indiscretion comes to light when Pam’s photo of Eric kissing Stephanie is leaked to the Internet. Bill shows Donna the photo to thwart Eric’s reconciliation attempt. Donna is devastated when Bill shows her proof that her husband is two timing her. For the rest of next week’s B&B Bulletin, click here.