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B&B Bulletins 6/28 to 7/2

Having pieced together facts about Hope’s graduation party, Steffy relentlessly probes into what really happened that night. Oliver and Brooke panic over Steffy’s sleuthing. Brooke frets that Steffy may have learned the truth and fears she’ll tell Stephanie. Steffy tells Stephanie about a scandal. Steffy confronts Oliver with evidence against him and Brooke, but he denies her accusations. Steffy shows Oliver what she has learned. For the rest of next week’s B&B bulletins, click here.

B&B Bulletin: 5/31

Oliver tells Steffy that he loves Hope, but Steffy has no intention on giving up. Ridge and Brooke try to help Hope get permission from Eric and Stephanie to have her graduation party at the Forrester Mansion. Music producer Dempsey calls his old friend Oliver about site suggestions in L.A. for a video by Dempsey’s client, Reggaeton rapper Daddy Yankee. Based on Oliver’s suggestion, Daddy Yankee agrees to perform at Hope’s graduation party. Brooke tells Steffy she is not welcome at Hope’s party and warns her to stay away from the party and Oliver, but Steffy defies Brooke’s warning not to interfere. For the rest of the scoop, click here!

B&B Bulletin for May 24th!

Brooke, Katie and Bill are concerned after they rescue Stephen from a potential catastrophe. Bill encourages Donna to seek retribution. Despite Eric’s pleas, Donna stands by her terms for a divorce settlement that includes half his interest in Forrester. Donna’s divorce terms upset Steffy. A marriage officially comes to an end. For the rest of next week’s B&B Bulletin, click here.

B&B Bulletins 5/10: Someone Vows Revenge Against Stephanie!

Stephen vows to make Stephanie pay, holding her responsible for Beth’s demise. Whip warns Oliver about Steffy.
Hope and Oliver hit a milestone in their relationship when he calls her his girlfriend for the first time. Brooke and Taylor argue over Steffy. When Ridge walks in on the heated altercation between his wife and his ex, he is horrified by what Brooke says about his daughter, putting himself in the middle of the conflict. Brooke has a comical daydream that foretells her future. For the rest of next week’s B&B Bulletins, click here.

B&B Bulletin 4/19

Katie shares her innermost thoughts about Beth with Bill. Beth’s tragic accident changes many lives. Stephanie makes a shocking confession. The Logan family support Beth following the accident, while Stephanie tries to convince them that what happened wasn’t deliberate. Eric and Donna face a difficult hurdle in their marriage over Beth’s accident. Eric makes his intentions clear to Stephanie. When Eric refuses to back her taking legal action against Stephanie, Donna storms out on him and seeks advice and friendship from Bill.
Bill makes Donna a motivating offer. For the rest of this week’s B&B Bulletin, click here.