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Men Without Clothes: Kickin It Old School With Don Diamont!

I have heard women actually say these words to me: “Don Diamont just doesn’t do it for me”. Warning to those women: back out and look away! We are kickin it old school with the Ass God, who currently portrays Bill Spencer Jr. on Bold and the Beautiful. I fell in love with him when he was Brad Carlton on Young and the Restless and working for Jill Abbott as her pool boy. I am sure if you think about it really hard, you can guess what was going on there! I will shut up now. Enjoy! God Bless the Mullet! No, no, no.






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Will Colleen Bite It Or Not?:Y&R

On today’s episode of Y&R, Colleen freed a pathetic Patty from her trap only to have Patty take her hostage incolleen1 return. With a gun pointed to her face, Colleen was forced to listen to the psychotic ramblings of Patty, who is so far gone into her psychosis there may be no coming back. Patty and Colleen took a little road trip with Kitty Squared in tow, meowing his little ass off the whole way. Colleen inadvertently pissed Patty off thus forcing her to stop the car and begin to snatch Colleen out colleen9of the car by brute force. Thus ended the Patty/Colleen debacle for today. What will come of Colleen on tomorrow’s eppy? That is the question on Twitter this afternoon as theories are being tossed about. Some believe that we will be treated to Coma Colleen, laying in bed for months because both Y&R and Tammin Sursok need a break. Others think that she will be rescued but then later die in Tracy’s motherly arms. We here at the 411 think she is going to die at the evil hands of Patty Williams. Tell us what you think! Leave us a comment and we will be sure to respond.

Skank of the Month: Colleen Carlton, Y&R

colleen1As the spawn of Brad Carlton, Colleen was surprisingly good until daddy passed away. Brad left Colleen his seat on the Newman Board and suddenly she was a changed woman. Unfortunately, Colleen tried to play with the big kids (Victor Newman) and lost. However, she showed us that she has the backbone to stand up for what she believes in.

Colleen also showed us that she isn’t scared to go after what she wants when she made a direct playcolleenkiss for ex J.T.’s affections by kissing him. J.T. pulled away because of his devotion to Victoria, but it was obvious that he was right where he really wanted to be. This passionate kiss was caught on camera, of course, and Victoria confronted Colleen with the goods.

victoriaColleen blatantly told Victoria that yes, she does want J.T. and she is not ashamed to admit it. Colleen’s reasoning for wanting J.T. makes plenty of sense. But as they say, you can’t get always get what you want. Colleen crossed the line from cautious ex/friend into enemy territory when she tried to get J.T. to have sex with her.

So, with no further ado, the Skank of the Month award this month goes to Colleen Carlton from Y&R. We salute you homewrecker!