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Today’s Soapy Birthdays!

Brandon Beemer, 30 ( Owen, B&B / Shawn Brady, DAYS / Seth, GH )

Grant Show, 48 ( Jake Hanson, Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210 & Models Inc. ) / Archer Montgomery, Private Practice & Grey’s Anatomy / Rick Hyde, Ryan’s Hope )

Sally Spencer, 55 ( MJ McKinnon, Another World )

Elizabeth Taylor, 78 ( Helena Cassidine, GH / Boardmember at The Chateau, AMC )

B&B: Can I Have A Bite Of That Apple?

Brandon Beemer

This week on Bold and the Beautiful, Forrester Creations and Jackie M went head to head in a fashion competition for Donna and Pam’s talk show The Catwalk. Forrester featured the old standby, the Hollywood Glamour line, while Jackie M. featured their new eco-friendly and green Adam and Eve line. Jackie M. won the competition, which wasn’t surprising. What was surprising was the plain, ugly, and thrown-on look of the Adam and Eve. However, the competition made for some great laughs, as B&B fashion shows usually do. The best part? Um. Brandon Beemer wearing nothing but a leaf. Now that’s what I call pure…..

Men Without Clothes: Twivo Edition

It has been brought to our attention that we seem slightly biased when it comes to who should select our Men Without Clothes feature. We often ask the ladies who they would like to see, but we asked our a couple of our favorite guys, Ren and Roy, to choose this time. So, Twivos, this one is for you!:







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