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B&B: Bridget Has a Knight Baby in the Oven!

Oops, she did it again. B&B’s Bridget has managed to get pregnant again but this time, the occasion is not a very pleasant one. You would have to be living under Jennifer Gareis (Donna) to not know that Bridget slept with Owen after a drama filled day of devastation. Since then, Bridget has whined over the guilt she feels and how much she loves her husband Nick. So will Bridget tell Nick the truth or will she try to pass the baby off as his? OR, it will turn out to have been Nick’s all along. Either way, the show will feature Bridget crying even more than now. What do you think will happen? Please leave your comments below.

April’s Skank of the Month: Bridget Forrester Marone

No one deserves the honor of Skank of the Month more that B&B’s Bridget Forrester Marone. After Aggie, the surrogate, lost Bridget and Nick’s third baby, Bridget ran to Jackie M to be alone. Instead, she wound up on the floor doing the shag nasty with her father in law, Owen. Grief sex be damned. The worst part was when the sex was over, Bridget acted like someone had held a gun to her head, lashing out at Owen and screaming “What have we done?!” in horror. The tryst was caught on tape by Aggie’s brother Owen and is currently serving as leverage for the main skank in town, Steffy. Bridget Forrester, you ARE the Skank of the Month!

B&B: Bridget & Owen Make a Pact


Last week on B&B, Owen and Bridget took part in a grief sex session over the loss of Aggie’s baby. A guilty Bridget was about to confess all to Nick when he announced that he didn’t care what happened that night. Nick said he just wants to put this all behind them and move on with the future. Bridget and Owen have decided that to keep the tryst between the two of them. Why do I get the feeling that this is going to be the time that Bridget is bestowed her miracle pregnancy? Owen wants a child, and that’s not working out. Bridget’s quest to have a child fails every time. I sense that Bridget will be feeling faint and nauseated in the very near future….

B&B’s Bridget: Three Strikes You’re OUT!

When Nick Marone isn’t ruthlessly going up against someone in business, he is saving the latest damsel in distress. This 1week on B&B, Nick will come to Sandy’s rescue when she finally confronts her attacker and a chase ensues. Nick and Sandy arrive at Graham’s just in time to save Hope from becoming the next rape victim and Sandy will recognize Graham. After some denial, Graham decides to get out of dodge and flees the confrontation. Sandy will be hurt during the chase, putting the baby at risk, but Graham will be arrested by police. After being taken to the hospital, a renewed Sandy will begin to see Nick in an even more God-like way than she does now. Of course, Bridget will not be pleased that Sandy endangered the baby by chasing the rapist. I am sure she will be even less pleased when she discovers that Sandy is in love with her husband. The question is, does Nick have feelings for her? It looks like Bridget might be heading to divorce court once again. Maybe she will get a frequent fliers discount.

B&B: Not Again!


Please say it isn’t so! Nick Marone has a habit of serenading the ladies on Bold and the Beautiful and I find it incredibly annoying and completely out of place and unbelievable. This week, Nick is going to serenade Sandy, the surrogate mother of his unborn child. Sandy seems to have some serious man issues stemming from some experiences in her past and Nick has been bending over backwards to make her feel more welcome. He has also been pressuring Sandy, or Agnes, to fork over the truth about her past. Meanwhile, Bridget is concentrating on the baby, not realizing what is about to happen right before her very eyes. I predict that Nick’s swan song will prompt Sandy to fall in love with him resulting in a whole lot of lying, sneaking, cheating….wait. We have been down this road before. Looks like Bridget’s happy ending might not be so happy after all.