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B&B: Love for Dr. Lips!


Finally! I never thought I would see the day when Taylor Hayes Forrester (B&B) would find anyone besides Ridge to love. Taylor’s relationship with Rick was a joke and the rest of her love life should just be filed under T for tragedy. After her surprise date with Whip, Dr. Lips broke things off before they even began, fearful of getting hurt by yet another serving of Brooke’s sloppy seconds.

Apparently, Whip does not take rejection well. After showing up at her office under the guise of mental illness, Whip was able to sway Dr. Lips with his charms. It would appear as if a second date is imminent. Whip is hot and Taylor is actually likable again when she is around him. Fans are loving this new coupling, and so am I! I want more. What do you think of “Whaylor”? Are you loving it, hating it, or just don’t give a damn? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think. Thanks!

B&B: Brooke vs Her Mini Me, Steffy


On Friday’s eppy I was surprised to watch B. Bell revisit the disaster that is Stuffy and Rick’s “relationship”. However, I have to admit with Rick looking so hot recently I found it to be a very sweet scene when he told Stuffy he missed her and wanted to go to Lakers game with her. I am not saying I’d be rooting for “Reffy” but am ready to have Rick back in a real story line, even if it involves HER.

More of the Sandy/Agnes mystery was brought to light. I am more sure now than ever that Sandy been raped or abused in someway in her past. All the camera flashes bothering her and Whip saying that she used to love being in front of camera makes me think, modeling gone wrong??

Lots of people (including myself) see that Bell is writing Stuffy as a Brooke Logan in the making. Since Brooke has been behaving scandalous-free for quite some time now, I am glad to have Stuffy proudly step in. Not to mention the irony of Stuffy being the Saint a.k.a Taylor’s daughter…

Now to the best part of Friday’s eppy: After Brooke had a very sudden change of heart and convinced Bill not to say anything to Katie, Stuffy came into the office and started talking to Brooke. When she said Katie’s name, Brooke FINALLY snapped at her, saying that she knew what she had done. I’ve been waiting for this confrontation since Stuffy hooked up with Rick and ruined Brooke’s marriage months ago, so it’s safe to assume that I am very happy with this and can’t wait for Monday!!

B&B: Brooke Logan, P.I.


Today after catching him in a big fat lie, Brooke was determined to find out why Bill lied about having been in the Big Bear cabin and what he was trying to hide. He tried to dance around Brooke’s question but she of course wouldn’t take that from him and continued cornering him until he finally caved and admitted being in the cabin with Stuffy… And again she kept pushing him until he told her the whole truth that Stuffy had kissed him and they went to the cabin to just talk about it. BUT was that really the whole truth??

I don’t think so, because when you think about it we have seen their little cabin meeting and there was no arguing or anything, so how would Bill lose his necklace there?! Of course it might have just fell off, but somehow that sounds too innocent for soapland. So the question now is, have we really seen ALL that happened in Big Bear that night or was there some dirty stuff which Bill&Stuffy decided not to share with anyone and not even us??? For me, I believe Bill and Stuffy had sex that night and knowing my Logan, I know she won’t stop until she finds the whole dirty truth!

Also today we got some Sandy action, she stopped by Jackie M after Bridget asked her to and after Bridget introduced her to everyone as their selfless surrogate, Sandy had a bit uncomfy run-in with Whip. He kept asking her about why she changed her name and then a very upset Sandy told Whip to drop it and not to tell anyone that they are family. Again today Sandy behaved very weird around Nick, acting like he didn’t even exist, her talk was all directed to Bridget. After she got in the elevator, Sandy had a panic attack.

Owen was looking yummy today standing with only a fig leaf for the Adam & Eve ad campaign, Thank you Whip!!

B&B: What An OxiMoron!

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For years, both Stephanie & Taylor always taunted Brooke about being the little “slut from the valley”. Taylor always told Brooke what a bad mother she was and that thanks to all her sexcapades & scandalous affairs, her kids would all grow up and be disturbed people due to the unstable childhood Brooke provided…
Skip ahead a few years, and it looks like Bridget grew up to be a successful doctor and then a successful head designer for Jackie M. Bridget also had her share of bad relationships with messed up guys but she is now married to the man she loves and finally planning the family she has always wanted.

Now on the other hand, we have Steffy (a.k.a Stuffy), who is Ridge and Taylor’s beautiful spawn. Steffy first went after Marcus just to later dump his ass and jump in bed with his cousin, Rick, who was her father’s worst enemy. Steffy watched her mother and father lose their mind over that relationship for months until she finally broke it off. Steffy jumped on to her next prey, which happened to be Owen, a married man committed to his hot cougar wife Jackie M.

When that attempt at love failed, Steffy has recently jumped on to yet another innocent (ok maybe not so innocent) prey. This time it was Bill Spencer Jr., a newly engaged man planning his wedding. You would think that might have stopped her from grabbing his hot ass and putting a quick kiss on him, but no, it didn’t…
So now after all this, which woman’s spawn do YOU think turned out better???

Gigi’s B&B & GH Predictions

I want to make it clear that these are just my personal opinions and do not mean that any of the crap posted here will come true. I think it will though, so keep reading!


Fact: Brooke is “moving” to Paris.

Prediction: After telling Ridge that she is leaving to work for the Paris FC offices, Brooke will tell Ridge her final goodbyes and head for the airport. Ridge will decide that he can’t live without his precious Logan and he will chase her down, making an ass out of himself. It is possible that Ridge could make it all the way to Paris to claim Brooke as his. Ridge and Brooke live happily ever after while a brokenhearted Taylor has a serious love affair with a bottle of Absolut, or two.


Fact: Andrea will poison Edward, causing him to have a heart attack while driving.

Prediction: As we have all seen from the limited carnival footage, a car drives straight through the carnival. Obviously, we can all predict that Edward will be the driver of that car. I think that both Carly and Kristina’s predictions from the fortune teller show us that Morgan may be the one to meet his master at the hands of Edward (inadvertently).

Fact: Luke is locked up in Helena’s secret lair.

Prediction: As many of you have, I have heard that there is someone trapped in the lair with Luke. I predict it will be a very much alive Emily Quartermaine. However, when I presented this theory to my GH girls on Twitter, many stated that it was even more possible that Rebecca was actually Emily after all. Interesting….Wouldn’t it be great storyline if Nikolas killed Rebecca in his ultimate plan for revenge, only to find out that he had really killed the love his life, Emily? Hmmmm…..

If you have any theories you would like to share with us, please feel free to leave us a comment. We love to hear what other fans think!