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GH: Sonny & Carly Get it On!

On Friday’s episode of GH, Michael was sentenced to five years hard time to everyone’s chagrin. This week, the frustration over what has happened will explode between Sonny and Carly and the two will fall into bed together. Don’t count on a reunion just yet, if ever. After Carly finally realizes that her own actions contributed to what happened to Michael, she asks Sonny to kindly back out of Morgan’s life. Sounds like another war is on the horizon!

GH: A Franco Funny

I will never tire of James Franco’s character on General Hospital. I know GH fans are tired of him, but I find him 1incredibly amusing. Franco made a good point on yesterday’s episode when he said that while Jason was busy getting arrested for a crime he didn’t commit, Franco himself was stealing women all over town, and no one even noticed! Franco captured Carly and tied her to a chair and the usual damsel in distress begging began. Franco mocked Carly, laughing in her face. However, the most amusing part of the conversation was when Carly basically said “you’ll never get away with this” to which Franco responded:

“Oh, who do I have to screw to get off this movie?!”


GH: Wait…..What?!


Jason bought Liz’s house? I thought Emily did? Am I wrong? Somebody help me out here. I am really sick of seeing Lucky get played, so can we just let him walk in on Niz and get this over with, please? Of course, I kind of want the Niz sex to happen too. What a predicament.

Carly, had a baby, in a cabin, spent 2.5 seconds in the hospital and she’s already out and about? WITHOUT the baby! To go see Jason *roll my eyes*, so sick of this dude. Oh so concerned about Michael and his future, um, HELLO Robot Hitman! (Thank you Claudia!) How about your own kid? Oh whatever, I am not going to get started on that. However, I did LOL when Carly asked him if he thought Spinelli would like her cheesy snacks (Doritos) and he looked at them and said “No, not his brand.” Almost favorite line of the day goes to Carly: “See this is why I hate Elizabeth.” That’s my old Carly coming back. Love her Liz hate!

Was Lulu for real today? She seriously needed to be slapped. It’s times like this when I go back to saying Olivia needs a daughter because Dante needs a sister that can do that for him, Kristina doesn’t count. Sidenote: LuDa had their first fight…say it with me now “Awwwww”…..

Was that the first Lulu/Lucky scene? I am withholding commentary on that…for now.

Now to where my heart lies: JoLivia, my babies. The ish has hit the fan and it’s not pretty. To be completely honest, all of the Johnny/Olivia/Sonny scenes made me very uncomfortable. It’s like they are trying to make Johnny out to be some psycho abuser, which he is not. The last scenes with him coming to Olivia with flowers (!) after finding out that Dominic Pirelli is Dante Falconeri, her son and an undercover cop (thank you Lulu) quite honestly freaked me out. I am very interested to see how tomorrow goes.
Line of the day goes to Olivia: “I love you so much” to Johnny of course. Why? Because to me that was the first time it seemed like she actually meant it.

Honorable mention goes to her line about breaking a frying pan over his head and pushing him down the stairs if he hit her. Yea, that one made me LOL.

Oh and how about that Franco sighting? I think I am officially excited for Franco time!!


Thank you to johnnyandolivia.com (@johnnyandolivia) for this pic.

GH: We Knew Michael Had It In Him!


Wow! According to Twitter friends and fellow soap lovers Wubs.net, Michael is going to be the one that ultimately takes Claudia out for good. For more of Wubs’ juicy ass GH spoilers, click on the link. This is an oooooohhhh eeeeeemmmmmm geeeeeeeee moment!

GH’s Carly Jacks: No Fries for You!


This week in Port Charles, a very pregnant Carly Jacks learned a very important lesson. Carly had a craving, a yearning per say, for french fries. In an attempt to avoid being seen by her over-protective husband Jax, Carly sneaked over to Jake’s to get herself some salty fries. Nothing ever seems to go as planned for Carly when she is being sneaky and this little debacle seriously backfired. Suddenly falling to her knees with contractions, Carly instantly began to worry that the fries had harmed her unborn baby girl. A drunken Johnny, who had been boozing it up all night, rushed to Carly’s aid. Rushing to determine what the screaming was all about, Coleman grabbed a shotgun and came from backstage to investigate. After figuring out that Johnny was only trying to comfort Carly in her time of need, Coleman sprung into action. Carly was rushed to the hospital, where she was told that she may go into labor anytime. Carly began to panic right as Jax came running into the room. Jax was surprised to find Johnny rubbing Carly’s back and Coleman offering words of comfort and support. Carly looked up at Jax with tears in her eyes and apologized for hurting the baby with french fries. Jax assured her that french fries had absolutely nothing to do with her going into her having contractions. Today, Sonny went to visit his ex to make sure she and the baby were okay. Carly requested that the boys play nice so she can carry the baby to term. Both Sonny and Jax agreed to Carly’s request and Sonny told her to back away from the fries. Hilarious.