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Men Without Their Clothes On: Brandon Beemer

During my usual morning tweeting on Twitter, I came across this amazing photo that made me say: DAYUM! I know a lot of you want to see more naked or semi-naked men on this site whether you admit it or not. Well, here you go!


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B&B Bulletins 7/19 to 7/23

After hearing Brooke’s confession, Ridge confronts Oliver and punches the D.J.!

Ridge sets Oliver straight with some demands of his own.

Steffy must deal with the consequences of her wicked ways when Ridge confronts her.

Ridge orders Steffy to do something she finds undesirable: she has to personally welcome Brooke back to Forrester.

When a new intern at Spencer Publications, Liam, finds some embarrassing evidence on Steffy’s computer, the evidence falls into the wrong hands.

Justin creates a plan of attack to win back part of Forrester Creations, stirring up trouble for the Forresters.

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