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Hey Steffy! STFU!: B&B

steffyNo soap couple can be happy, especially after the two characters involved embark on “marital bliss”. Unfortunately, it looks like Jackowen’s short and odd union is about to be done. If I had to guess, I would say that Jackie is about to make the “ultimate” sacrifice (Brooke Logan style) and push Owen into the waiting and greedy arms of the young and slutty Steffy.

After watching Steffy confront Jackie about her relationship with Owen, I am more convinced than ever thatjackie Steffy is satan’s spawn. The nerve of that little bitch to tell Jackie’s grown ass how to deal with her boy toy of a husband? Her blatant statements and pretend empathy was almost as fake as that stupid grin she had on her face the whole time she was lecturing Jackie.

owenI have to ponder why Steffy is always walking around in a bikini in front of her dad and any other man she comes into contact with. Why would Owen choose now to befriend the hot, sexy, slutty, and newly single Steffy while his marriage is on the rocks? Maybe in the back of Owen’s mind, he knows that he is not a suitable life partner for Jackie, just as Jackie is coming to grips with the same fact.

Will Whip win Jackie over after all? Will Owen end up with Steffy? Who knows!

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Y&R Spoiler Alert! 8/31/09

adam1It has been a great week on Y&R with the Mary Jane debacle coming to hostage standoff, with Chance as chief negotiator. The ridiculous hits keep on coming! Is Mary Jane really pregnant? Is Adam EVER going to get busted? There is also Sharon, Nick and Phyllis to think about. Click on the pic above to get the scoop from Jillian at Daytime Confidential!

The Joke’s on Tom: ATWT

For much too long now, Margo and Tom Hughes’ son Adam has been living the good life in Oakdaleriley1 under the new identity of Riley. After murdering some people and trying to rape both Gwen and his brother’s girlfriend Maddie, Adam was “killed”. After coming back as Riley, Adam moved back in with Margo, who knows the truth, and Tom, who doesn’t.

tomTom has become quite suspicious of both Riley and Margo, whose behavior is questionable. He even confronted Riley about the “affair” he was having with his wife and kicked him out of the house. It is disturbing that Margo is willing to break so many laws to protect her son. Of course, she believes that he has “changed” and is “a new person” just because he got a new face.

Brother Casey also knows the truth and is just as annoyed as the rest of us. Riley/Adam has taken quite a liking to Casey’s girlfriend Alison. This is predictable soap stuff, right? I’m not sure if the conclusion of the Riley storyline will be predictable, but I can predict that the truth about his son and the onslaught of Bob’s Alzheimer’s disease may just put Tom himself in the hospital again. Possibly a victim of another heart attack. However it goes down, I have to ponder if Tom and Margo will split up, and this time for good.