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Y&R: Who Gave You the Right to Be Such A Bitch?

When Y&R announced that the role of Mackenzie Browning was being recast, we were excited because we1 needed a little shake up in the Chloe/Billy marriage debacle. Clementine Ford landed as the new Mac. Ms. Ford’s first few episodes made us wonder how the hell that even happened. Most of us wrote Ford off instantly, but some of us wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Although there is not a modicum of chemistry between Billy Miller & Clementine Ford, things heated up quickly. Mac played the innocent victim while Chloe watched her new life with the father of daughter Delia slip away. Billy and Chloe aren’t even divorced yet and obviously still have some issues they need to work out, and Mac is dead set against letting that happen. For the last two weeks, Mac has been glued to Billy’s side and spitting verbal venom at Chloe every chance she gets. Speaking of Chance, he too has become a victim of the Billy/Chloe saga. We have a very strong feeling that Chance will come out on top when this tale comes to an end. Billy and Mac on the other hand most likely will not. Chloe dropped the “we aren’t divorced” bomb today and Mac’s face hardened and cracked into a thousand pieces. While Chance swept up the pieces, Billy and Chloe went off to talk alone. After Mac was all back together again, she confessed that she was too aware of the electricity between Billy and Chloe and he better be too. So, the question of the day is: Why is Mac being such a jealous petty bitch to Chloe, and not taking it out on her shiesty playboy of a boyfriend, Billy Abbott!