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ATWT: Holden Goes to Jail!

1This week in Oakdale, a body floats up and is identified as that of Damian Grimaldi’s. Then a witness surfaces who puts Holden at the scene of the crime. Holden will be arrested, but will he really go down for this? Lily and a guild ridden Molly will team up to get Holden out of jail. Later, Reid claims that the body couldn’t possibly be Damian’s. Is he dead or not? Guess we will have to wait and see!

ATWT: Damian vs. Meg!

This week on ATWT, Meg will escape the sanitarium with a loaded syringe. Where will she go? After Damian of course! 1After a few sick rounds of “which one of is can talk the most trash”, Damian will overpower Meg, strangling her with her own scarf. All good fights must come to an end, and when this one is over, someone will be dead. Our bet is on Damian, because Paolo Seganti is exiting the canvas. Our guess? Things will not bode well for Meg. I smell a criminal trial coming on…

ATWT: Attack of Meg-a-Saurus Rex!


Ok. That title is a little misleading. Damian is going to collapse this week as Lily feeds him a poisoned icing flower. Meg-a-Saurus will be accused of poisoning the dubious stud muffin. Of course, it will all be a farce, set up Damian himself. Never to be wrongly accused again, Meg will quickly smell a stinky fish and confront Damian. Damian will dupe her once again by slipping a nice dose of the same poison in her purse. The ladies of Oakdale really need to keep a closer eye on their stuff! Will Meg end up behind bars? I don’t know! You are going to have to watch to find out. Until then, you can watch the promo to the right of your screen..

ATWT: Megasaurus Rex Strikes Again!

2Why does Meg always think she has the one up on everybody? Looks like Damian is getting his cake and eating it too! After sleeping with Meg, Damian had leave suddenly to go support Luke. A desperate Megasaurus Rex attempted to get Damian to say that he would report to Lily that things had changed between them. Since Damian had already gotten what he came for, he brushed Meg’s request aside as if it mattered very little to him. Bad boy! Megasaurus was none too pleased with this turn of events. Wheels starting turning her square headed brain. Meg picked up her celly telly and called Officer Grady to lure him to her location. After his arrival, a nonchalant Meg called Damian, who was forced to run out on Lily. So, who one upped who?



Thanks to Soaps.com for the screencap!