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Y&R: Abby and Daniel Make a Sex Tape!

Abby has been on a mission to get famous fast via her reality show The Naked Heiress, with no help from Victor and Ashley. This week, she gets a little help from Daniel, whether he knows it or not. After Abby invites Daniel over for a date by the pool, the two make love and she gets it all on video! Abby wastes no time in letting Kent know she has the tape and that she’s going to leak it to the press. I get the feeling that Daniel is going to be pissed if she succeeds!

Y&R: What the Hell Is That?


Sometimes little goodies like this one just land in my lap, and I feel the immediate need to post. I also feel the immediate need to question the talent of hair and wardrobe. After being subjected to Clementine Ford’s (Mac) eyebrows almost daily for months, and now the oh so scary face of Daisy, why this? Poor Adrianne Frantz almost always looks like a tramp, but this is going to far!

Men Without Clothes: Michael Graziadei

If you are a Y&R fan, chances are you have wondered why Daniel rarely takes his clothes off. Yes, we have been privy to him in his underwear maybe once, and shirtless maybe five times. Sadly, we couldn’t find any pictures of Michael Graziadei in his underwear, but we thought these would suffice:





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