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Days Spoiler Alert 7/12: Chloe Gets a Paternity Test!

-Chloe must deal with a paternity test! She claims she does not know which guy is the father …

– Brady is unable to get through to Ari.

– Chloe admits to Daniel that Phillip has been her rock.

– Adrienne wonders about Hope’e mental state when she notices her behaving oddly. She discusses with Bo …

– Nicole almost tells Sami that EJ was the one who stole Sydney! She also feels badly about not sharing the all important info with Brady …

For the rest of next weed Days spoilers, click here. The Days Cafe has the latest!

Days Spoiler Alert 6/28

Mel brings up the subject of babies with Phil! His babies, that is! Does he want another one? Meanwhile, Stephanie continues to suspect Phillip has done something very wrong and discusses with Kayla. Shane and Kim have a very heated discussion! Will they overcome? Of course they do! Madeline suspects that Kate is aware of her huge secret and it makes her verrrry nervous. HOLY TRIANGLE! Rafe is dismayed by some of the changes that have occurred in Salem since he left. EJ, meanwhile, is dismayed to see Rafe back in Sami’s world, though he is convinced he knows how she really feels … For the rest of the scoop, click here to head to the Days Cafe!

Days Spoiler Alert 6/21: Chloe is Pregnant!

Madeline seeks an audience with Stefano. Kate decides to withhold a shocking truth from Stefano that concerns Madeline, and this could change everything in their relationship down the road! Sami’s older sister Carrie will have some advice for her. Choose the man she wants and stick with it! Chloe and Dan plan their wedding – again. But Chloe is pregnant! For Days spoilers for the next 2 weeks, click here. The Days Cafe has all the scoop!

Days Spoiler Alert 5/10

Sami and EJ are about to kiss until … Will Interruptus! Nevertheless, the pair continue to get to know each other better. Then Rafe sends little Johnny a present – an FBI jacket. Ouch! Johnny is thrilled, Sami thinks it’s cute, but the gesture makes EJ feel like a hoodlum. Sami assures him that he can be the kind of man his children look up to if that is what he really wants … Sami tries unsuccessfully to have contact with Rafe. For the rest of the scoop, click here. We’ll take you straight to the Days Cafe.

Days Spoiler Alert 4/26: Hope Has a New Alter Ego!

Rafe senses EJ’s nervousness – and he is bothered to see how much Sami trusts him. Stefano warns Madeline to keep her silence! Something is up with Hope! She pretends to have her pill popping under control but she really doesn’t. Julie is concerned … And Hope is now addicted, desperate for more pills! Someone finds themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time. As already reported on spoilers page, Baker is the only one who knows Hope attacked EJ after her winning at a seedy poker game. Baker steals EJ’s bank card and helps himself! Meanwhile, Hope wakes up with no memory of what she has done. Her alter ego HATES men and no one is safe! For the rest of the Days Cafe spoilers for next week, click here.