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Days Spoiler Alert 4/12

Hope refuses to accept Carly as Bo’s future and lets her know! Adrienne is about to sell the bar, unless something changes … Rafe heads for the Cheatin Heart! Justin collapses and Adrienne is there for him. Chloe is increasingly bothered by her situation. Nicole has some advice for the passionate opera diva – fight for Dan! Phil finds out Mel and Steph have a secret! But how mush does he overhear? Enough to make him have doubts about his new bride, so he complains to Chloe. Click here for the rest of the Days Cafe spoilers for the next 2 weeks!

Days Spoiler Alert 4/5

Nicole and Chloe catch up. Will spies Sami and EJ in an embrace and gets upset. Brady and Arianna make plans and he promises to share everything with her, but will he really? Sami helps Rafe in a family bind. EJ and Lexie have an intense discussion about what Sami means to him. As already reported in this week’s spoilers, he does admit he loves her! For scoop for the next two weeks, click here. The Days Cafe has the latest!

Days Spoiler Alert 3/22: Sami’s Out for Blood!


EJ starts to feel the net closing in …And so he should, cos cornered Anna will blackmail the governor into giving Nicole a pardon, which means she will be back on the streets of Salem! Things get even more tangled when Rafe and Sami find out Anna set the pardon in motion. Sami wants blood! Rafe seems to think EJ and Anna have a secret. EJ scrambles to do damage control! Need more? Click here for Day’s Cafe spoilers for the next two week!

Days Spoiler Alert 3/15: Max is Back!


Dan talks tough with Vivian again. Back off from Carly! Carly must face the music. She wishes to enter a guilty plea.Bo is dead set against it! Melanie testifies with a twist! Max is back in town and has a heart-to-heart with Mel, who will always be his little sister regardless! Nathan learns all about the letter when Stephanie confesses to him! Will she lose him? As Mark Hapka himself pointed out, there are only 2 girls available to his character – Melanie and Steph. And Mel is now a married
woman … For more Days spoilers, click here. Days Cafe has the latest!

Days Spoiler Alert 3/8


EJ might not be able to control everything after all. Rafe finds out about EJ and Sami’s secret. What will he do now? Ari tries to convince him to take the high road and forgive her. After all, Sydney is home and Sami is in seventh heaven! Rafe is tries to get over his anger …Stefano thinks Elvis is acting cagey. Need more scoop? Click here to go to the Days Cafe for spoilers for up to two weeks!