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Y&R: Back For A Day & Still A Bitch


On Y&R today, everyone involved in the Terroni debacle got served by the grand jury, who want answers in regards to the “alley murder”. The usual suspects got notice, such as Deacon and Victoria, who both acted as if their worlds were going to come crashing down around them. Surprisingly, Heather Stevens was just chillaxing at the club, when Victoria decided to confront her. Heather’s bitch ass may have been MIA for months, but she didn’t miss a beat. Heather blatantly told Victoria that on a personal level, she hoped that she would fry. Vail Bloom is very pretty to look at, but Heather’s bitch factor is at, like, 120%. Therefore, she is f-ugly! However, my hatred for Victoria’s haughty attitude about J.T. and the law outweigh how annoying Heather was. I look forward to watching Heather rip Victoria to shreds on the stand.

Y&R: Gloria Fisher The Queen of Backstabbing!

In the last few weeks in Genoa City, Deacon and our favorite Glo-Worm have had several convos about obtaining the infamous Terroni and then turning it for a profit on the black market for a ton of cash. Glo informed Kevin and the rest of the gang of some of the plan, of course omitting almost all of truth, in true Gloria style. This week, Gloria and Deacon will cook up another money making debacle that relies on Gloria’s ability to get her manicured fingernails on that painting. If successful, the two will make millions of dollars. We highly doubt they will be successful, Gloria never is. Deacon rarely is either, as he has proven in the past. Throw in Amber and the rest of the crew and we are talking major disaster. Throwing yet another wrench in Glo-Worm’s plan will be thrown when Katherine overhears the plan!

You May Not Want To Get Married If….

amberDaniel Romalotti may have saved his girlfriend Amber from making the biggest mistake of her life, but someone (Chloe or Jana) should have saved her from wearing the funeralesque hat she had on. That black was gothic and purple fishnet flower was obnoxious. In fact, it was almost as ridiculous as Deacon and Amber’s wedding. Chloe and Jana continued to offer Amber relationship advice while they should have been giving her fashion advice. If I were Amber, I would get better friends!

Sheila Carter: The Resurrection?

Y&R is really good at wowing us with crazy ass storylines that just wouldn’t work on other shows. Take Kevinsheila1 Fisher’s new brother Ryder. The PTB want us to think that Ryder isn’t Kevin’s brother but my girlfriend Robert and I have some predictions. Again, these are just theories, we have absolutely no proof that the following will occur:

sheila2We believe that Ryder really is Kevin’s brother and Tom Fisher and Sheila Carter procreated at some point in between the years that Kimberlin Brown was not on Y&R or B&B. Therefore, Ryder is Sheila’s evil spawn. Sheila has a history with both Deacon and Amber. In fact, she may even have a score to settle with Amber. So some of the angles make sense….

I suppose if you are reading this you have a sudden desire to scream at me “Sheila is dead, for real this time!”. Looking back, that whole Sheila is dead thing never really works out for anybody. We notice tension between Lauren and Ryder and there has to be a reason for that. In all appearances, it looks like Deacon is running the scam, whatever the scam may turn out to be. Who is really pulling the strings?

Think about it soapsters…..This is even more insane, but what if Phyllis is really Sheila, living Phyllis’ life sincesheila the hostage situation came to an end years ago?