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The Spectator: Spoilers for week of October 12th

Monday, October 12
Carly’s flight makes an emergency landing and Omar takes her away on his boat; Victor asks Bo why Kate is still free after her recent crimes; Hope brings Justin to the lodge to execute paperwork transferring Ciara to a private school.

Tuesday, October 13
Brady comes clean about helping Nicole with her baby deception; Roman informs Sami and Arianna that Meredith Hudson has disappeared; Sami goes to Grace’s grave; Rafe goes into cardiac arrest; Justin encourages Bo to reach out to his wife.

Wednesday, October 14
Sydney interrupts Daniel and Chloe while they kiss; Carly must save Rafe from hypothermia; when he realizes Nicole adopted his daughter, Chad sets out to find his baby; E.J. confronts Brady about helping Nicole lie about Sydney.

Thursday, October 15
Mia reveals that she still loves Will; Sami realizes that she wants to help Nicole; Bo learns that Hope and Ciara are moving out; a traitorous crewman nearly kills Carly; Victor interrupts an intimate moment between Daniel and Chloe.

Friday, October 16
No details44