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New Days Spoiler Alert! 10/5

Bo’s ex Carly comes rolling into Salem next week. Will she ruin Bo and Hopes relationship forever? Or will Carly set her sights on another Salemite? Either way, Hope is NOT going to be very happy! Sorry our imaging is down, however we are trying to solve the problem in a timely fashion. Click on that little link down there and we will take you to the Days Cafe for 2 weeks of upcoming spoilers! Enjoy!




Days: Lucas Falls Off The Wagon & Straight Into Rehab!


Chloe’s rejection has proven to be too much for Lucas to handle. This week, he will give in to his urge to make the pain go away and take comfort in the bottle. Fortunately, this is not Lucas’ first rodeo and things won’t be as dramatic as usual. Lucas will go to rehab to sober up and take the time he needs.

The Best Damn Days Update EVER!

My girl Andrea (twitter name andreawilhelmi) and I were discussing Days of Our Lives and I asked her what was going down lately because I don’t have the tolerance for that show. Sorry. Anyway, this is how Andrea responded in a total of three tweets:

Well Chloe still in a coma Ciara has been kidnapped Lucas is still pucas Kates still a bitch. samiSami and Rafe broke up and Nicole is about to lose it all cause Dr Baker has come back to blackmail her about the baby switch. EJ still wants him some Sami loving as confessed to Lexie. Daniel got out of jail cause Victor ponied up 60 million you’d think that hey instead of wasting this money i could just rat out bitch Kate but she bore my children i’ll just pony up the cash.

Hilarious 🙂