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Canadian Candy

Recently I posted a blog about the Aussie Awesomeness on our soaps. Today I give you some Canadian Candy! Now, I realize that I probably didn’t get all the actors that are from Canada but here are some highlights!


Cameron Mathison is probably the most loved Canadian soap star on our screens. Cameron, who plays Ryan Lavery on All My Children is one sexy man. Not only does he play Ryan, he also has hosting duties on I Wanna Be  Soap Star, as well as many fan events and he even has a gig on Good Morning America where he once interviewed the Jonas Brothers and sang a karaoke version of their song “Burnin Up” for them, which was amusing to say the least. And let us not forget he was on Dancing With The Stars and was pretty awesome!

Patrick_240x320Our next piece of Canadian Candy is none other than Jason Thompson. Jason, who plays Dr. Patrick Drake on General Hospital is one our favorites! Patrick has gone from disgusting womanizer playboy to sophisticated and devoted husband and father. As the son of Noah, Jason was the perfect choice as he undoubtedly resembles Rick Springfield’s good looks. Like father, Patrick is a brilliant doctor but he has other talents too. Move over Fred and Shaggy because Patrick sure can crack a case with Daphne, I mean Robin by his side! Lets not forget that we’ve recently been privy to his singing abilities as well, which only takes his hotness to a whole new level!


My new favorite piece of candy is Dominic/Dante from General Hospital! DOMte as everyone calls him, is played by Dominic Zamprogna. The character has the perfect amount of wittiness and softness combined with boldness and heroism to make me go ga-ga! I can’t wait until the ish hits the fan and the truth finally comes out! Interesting tidbit for you, the actor has a twin sister who is also an actress! Cool!

Susan Haskell has become one of my favorite actresses in daytime.susan_haskell_02 I may not always like her character, Marty Saybrooke on One Life To Live, but Susan I am down with.  Susan made her return to daytime just two years ago and has made a huge impact, with the Emmy to prove it! Not only is Susan a great actress, she is beautiful and lucky too as she is married to none other than All My Children’s Thorsten Kaye!

So, there is some yummy goodness for you! Who do you think is best treat? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Thanks for reading and remember, you only have One Life To Live!–Jessica