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GH Spoiler Alert 6/21: Olivia and Johnny Split!

Per Soaps.com:

Michael is free to go home, but he must live with Dante, stay away from Sonny and leave Jason behind in prison.

Olivia and Johnny break up.

Claire and Sonny argue about Johnny.

Ethan flirts with Maya.

Skye wants Jax’s help in finding Alcazar’s money.

Nikolas finally rids Wyndemere of Helena.

Patrick’s jealousy grows and he hits Steve.

Jason is questioned about Carter’s murder.

Patrick acts on his feelings.

Michael has a heart to heart with his brother about Sonny.

Luke makes a move.

Sonny has a plan.

Sam pretends to be someone else.

Luke goes overboard – literally.

Carly ups her plan for revenge.

GH Spoiler Alert 5/10: The Truth about Maya is Revealed!

Sam is forced to step up to the plate

Helena continues to use the rift between Lucky and Nikolas for her benefit and amusement

Carly and Jax have a falling out

Dante and Lulu’s relationship moves to a new level

Patrick questions whether or not Robin truly loves him

Olivia isn’t ready to give Johnny what he wants

The reason for Maya’s return to Port Charles is revealed

Skye’s return doesn’t please everyone, but that won’t stop her from looking for Lorenzo’s loot

GH Spoiler Alert 4/19: Dante Finds Out the Truth!

Claire pulls out all the stops to get Carly to crack on the witness stand

Jax runs interference to keep Ronnie from finding Michael

Alexis is rattled when Warren accuses her of murder

Dante finds evidence pointing to Michael as the person responsible for Claudia’s death

Dante is faced with a difficult choice

Things look bleak for Sonny

Claire has an attack of conscience

Luke suspects that Helena is up to no good

Skye reaches out to Luke for help

GH Spoiler Alert 4/12

Dante goes to bat for Morgan.

Claire seeks out Sonny.

Jason’s willing to sacrifice himself for Sonny.

Carly fears the worst.

Carly balks at Jason’s plan.

Nikolas gets through to Kristina.

Elizabeth finds Lucky with Maxie.

Claire won’t play ball with Jason.

Sonny decides to take his chances in court.

Lisa’s a thorn in Robin’s side.

Sonny’s fate rests in Carly’s hands.

Dante wrestles with his conscience.

Michael’s days in hiding might soon be over.

Thanks be to Soaps.com for the scoop!