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GH Spoiler Alert 4/5: Kiefer is Killed and Ethan is Arrested, Again!

Sonny wants Ethan killed.

Maxie isn’t easily manipulated by Claire.

Alexis takes Kristina to the hospital.

Kiefer is hit by a car and killed.

Lucky questions Ethan about the his damaged car and arrests him.

Johnny’s suggestion shocks Olivia.

Olivia is called to testify against Sonny.

Jason and Spinelli find out the truth.

Alexis confides in Sam.

Lulu and Luke cannot see eye to eye.

GH Spoiler Alert 3/29

Sonny makes an ass out of himself at court.

Luke is ordered to keep his distance from Kristina.

Sonny pisses Kristina off. Again.

Jason and Sam can’t see eye to eye when it comes to Kristina.

Dante is irked by Kiefer.

Kiefer attacks Kristina again.

Maxie fights for her life.

Olivia takes Sonny’s side

Skye returns to Port Charles.

Robin wants advice from Jason.

GH Spoiler Alert 3/22: Michael Suspects Kiefer!


Ethan pleads with Kristina to tell the truth.

Carly and Jason discuss the situation with Kristina.

Michael thinks Kiefer beat up Kristina.

Dante is called to the stand to testify against Sonny.

Luke talks to Sonny on behalf of Ethan.

Sonny goes on a tirade over Ethan and Claire is there to witness it.

Jax tries to put the kibosh on Claire’s hunt for Michael.

Dante and Johnny don’t see eye to eye.

Luke begs Kristina to tell the truth.

Lucky and Ethan have a heart to heart.

GH Spoiler Alert 3/15: Ethan is Arrested!


Kristina places the blame on Ethan and he is arrested.

Jason tries to get to the bottom of what happened to Kristina.

Kristina begs Sonny not to hurt Ethan.

Jason and Sam don’t see eye to eye where Kristina is concerned.

Jason doubts Kristina’s story, and relates this to Carly.

Lucky informs Liz that they are over for good.

Maxie’s condition worsens.

Spinelli and Maxie’s bond grows stronger.

Dante begins to see Sonny differently.

Michael starts to believe in Dante.

Helena’s evil plan continues to unfold.

Jax and Carly continue to drift apart.

Sonny’s trial begins.

GH Spoiler Alert 3/8


Kiefer’s parents arrive in Port Charles.

Sonny’s bail is posted and he is free.

The PCPD will start a new task force.

Claire doesn’t see eye to eye with Diane and Alexis.

Kristina bites off more than she can chew.

Dante questions Michael against Sonny’s wishes.

A shootout will ensue after Johnny and Ethan make another move against Sonny.

Kristina is crushing on Ethan.

Elizabeth tests the paternity of her baby. Will Helena switch the results?

Franco makes contact with Jason.

Jax and Carly make nice with each other.

Sonny makes plans to get Michael out of the country.

The jury for Sonny’s trial is full of familiar faces.

Spinelli’s plan backfires when tries to look dangerous and cool to Maxie.

Maxie receives a ghostly visit from her sister Georgie.

Maya Ward arrives in Port Charles.

Skye returns to assist Luke.

Robin testifies in Sonny’s trial.

Robin and Patrick continue to argue over Sonny.

Alexis finds out Kristina isn’t a virgin anymore.

Kiefer beats Kristina and she is forced to seek medical treatment.

Kristina places the blame on someone else.