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GH Fall Preview

Here’s what is coming up in the fall, not that you need us to tell you!:

Both Sonny and Carly will finally find out about Claudia’s role in Michael’s shooting. It is about time! Carly may lose the baby. We all know she has a hard time carrying a baby to term.

Olivia’s secrets will come out and Sonny will have to deal with the repercussions.

Helena will be back to wage war against Nikolas, who has waged his own personal war against Rebecca.

Liz and Nikolas will get closer. lik

A creepy carnival storyline is coming up involving Jason and Sam. It won’t be the perfect lovey dovey relationship that some of you are craving.

Liason fans will get some Liz and Jason action, but it may not be what you want to see!

Dr. Patrick and Robin will pull some more Scooby Doo duty at the hospital. We hope this leads to some hospital room loving because we love Dr. Patrick!

That’s all we have for you right now, check back later for more!

GH Spoiler Alert! 8/24/09

This week’s spoilers are quite similar to last weeks. This can be expected because Jason being shot and the build up to the coming Jasam sex had to be done just right.

Look for the Jasam sex to go down. Just don’t be too sure that it’s going to turn into anything more.

Rumor has it that Johnny is starting to have feelings for Olivia. I know that to be true, as do all of you!

Michael will finally learn the “truth” from Kristina. I don’t think either one these kids know the truth.
Soaps.com is reporting that Dante will dig up some dirt on Sonny. Will he use it to take him down?

For a more detailed list of spoilers, click on the pic above! Thanks!