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GH Spoiler Alert 4/19: Dante Finds Out the Truth!

Claire pulls out all the stops to get Carly to crack on the witness stand

Jax runs interference to keep Ronnie from finding Michael

Alexis is rattled when Warren accuses her of murder

Dante finds evidence pointing to Michael as the person responsible for Claudia’s death

Dante is faced with a difficult choice

Things look bleak for Sonny

Claire has an attack of conscience

Luke suspects that Helena is up to no good

Skye reaches out to Luke for help

GH: Elizabeth Almost Dies of a Broken Heart


Last week in Port Charles, Elizabeth had a panic attack in the middle of the hospital with hallucinations as a bonus. Of course, Liz feels guilty because she slept around with her fiance’s brother over a period of several months. This week, the guilt and the hallucinations will get worse and Liz will end up making a fool out of herself with Jason. For that moment, Liason fans can rejoice. Elizabeth will then wander out into to the elements on a mission to somehow connect with Lucky but will connect with the ground instead as she falls down unconscious. Lucky will discover Liz lying in the snow and save her just in time, as he always does. So is Elizabeth really dying of a broken heart, or is she really feeling the early stirrings of the Cassadine/Spencer growing inside of her?

GH: Dante Tells Lulu “I Love You”!


GH fans rejoice! This week, Sonny senses something is up when Olivia tries to get him to skip town. Sonny will consider retiring his mob crown to Dominic, unaware that Dante is his son. Michael will discover the truth about Dante’s paternity and attempt to put the kibosh on his reign over Port Charles. All this secret keeping is hard work, and Dante fears that Lulu will become a casualty of all the duplicity. Next week, Dante will finally tell Lulu that he loves her, but thanks to Michael’s shenanigans, will it be too late?

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First Look at Chad Brannon: GH


December 22 is fast approaching and so is Chad Brannon’s reprisal of his role as Zander on GH. Doesn’t look like he has changed much! It looks like Zander is generously handing Rebeccemily a plane ticket. We know Natalia Livingston is on her way out the proverbial door, but where the hell is that sneaky sudden-twin going? Will she be coming back, again?