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GH: Death of the Devious Diva

The demise of Claudia Zacchara has had a ripple effect on quite a few of the residents of Port Chuckie, that7558_289490 even my head is spinning, but not in a good way. I am one of the many “love to hate” fans of the devious diva. Do I think she needed to die? Nope. My main problem with that is the simple fact that no one else in PC has paid for the crimes they have committed, over and over again. Now here we have a teenaged murderer Michael who, of course is going to get off with this “justified” (in Daddy’s eyes) crime. His loving, but oh so blinded mama, Carly is onboard for this cover up. As is, who I call his real Daddy, Jason Morgan. Why does this surprise me you ask? It doesn’t. It does however, annoy me to no end. This secret, accompanied by the original secret kept about the person responsible for Michael’s shooting, has caused a rift in the CarJax marriage. Don’t be fooled, I could care less about this, but it’s still a casualty. My favorite, hard to come by friendship of Carly and Olivia is now strained. No, I don’t think Olivia is innocent and should have been spared, it just plain old SUCKS! Poor Kristina, who quite honestly is starting to grate on my nerves, saw her father in his true form for the first time and now believes he murdered Claudia himself. No child should ever have to experience that. The only person in that town who has my undying sympathy is Claudia’s brother Johnny. No matter how sick or demented Claudia was, to Johnny, she was still his sister. All the poor guy wants is the truth…closure if you may. Brandon Barash delivers those lines so damn well; I can’t help but cry for him. As for the Devious Diva herself, I don’t know how many of you have seen the movie, but that bitch could so come back Kill Bill style a la Uma Thurman, just sayin’…

First Thoughts: Jonathan Jackson GH

1We got our first look at Jonathan Jackson as Lucky Spencer on GH and our feelings are mixed, and not really in a negative way. Jonathan’s first scene was cute and Elizabeth looked genuinely like she was happy to see him. We found no reason to complain about Jackson’s acting, and his chemistry with Anthony Geary was evident in their first scene together. We thought there was a slight hesitation or nervousness involved the first kiss between Liz and Lucky and were even more shocked when it appeared as if they would have sex. Sadly, Liz couldn’t make it through one sex session with her fiance without thinking about his brother and she ultimately ran out on him and into the waiting arms of Nikolas. We were impressed with Jonathan, having so much meaty drama to deal with in his first eppy back. We are looking forward to seeing him portray Lucky as he discovers Elizabeth’s duplicity. The fallout promises to be packed with drama, not only where Liz is concerned, but also where Lucky and Nikolas are concerned. Enter Luke, who happens to know all the dirty details behind Liz and Nikolas’ affair, and we have a huge family tug of war.

GH: We Wish We Had That!


The ladies in Port Charles are never lacking in fashion sense. My personal favorites are Lulu Spencer and _5952391Maxie Jones. These divas wear bright, colorful, and fresh designs that bright up my screen and fill me with jealousy all at the same time. Their accessories are not only cute, but age appropriate. Lulu always looks great in yellow which is what attracted my attention to this picture at first. Then, I got one good glance at that hobo she was sporting and my heart really went-a flutter. I set to the web to do some investigating and as I expected, I could find no super cheap substitute. In fact, I could find only find one bag that even looked close. If you have about $600 to spend on looking like a rock star, head to your nearest Nordstroms for this little gem! We have provided a link to the Nordstroms website in case you want to check it out.