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April’s Jackass of the Month: Schuyler Joplin

OLTL’s Schuyler Joplin has been plagued since he came to Llanview. First he got mixed up with the teen drama queen Starr and lost his job. He let Stacy pull him head first into the Morasco Fiasco. He let Kim string him along and let Gigi use him as a consolation prize. Now, we find out that Schuyler is Mitch’s son, and that he too can be an ass. Gigi dumped Sky on his ass and Sierra Rose isn’t his daughter. The boy has lost his damn mind and taken Gigi hostage by gun point, and for that, Schuyler is our Jackass of the Month.

OLTL: Could Rex & Schuyler Be Twins?

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This week, Roxy will reveal that a baby was taken from her by Allison Perkins a long time ago. Of course that child is the one and only Schuyler Joplin. You may be wondering if this is true, then Mitch might not be Rex’s father. I opt for the twin option. Rex and Schuyler hate each other. I can’t think of a better way to tie up the storyline before Schuyler “leaves town”.

OLTL: Farewell to Skank #1


While most folks would say that OLTL’s Stacy Morasco was a “cartoon character” who had no depth, but as a soap fan, I have to disagree. As someone who always roots for the underdog, I have to strongly disagree. I am one of the fans who gets tired of characters like Gigi, who seem to be happy all the time and always get what they want. Stacy wasn’t one of those characters. She worked her ass off for the things she wanted, good or bad, and in the end Stacy got nothing. In the last weeks, Stacy became even more enduring as her love for Sierra Rose became painfully apparent, skankdom be damned. For that, and for bringing a little lighthearted scandalocity to Llanview, Stacy will be missed. RIP Skank #1!

OLTL: Rex Tries to Off Schuyler and Stacy Gives Birth!


Looks like Stacy is going to be hanging out in Llanview a little bit longer than we expected. On Thursday, February 11, Stacy will welcome her “tiny dancer”, Sierra Rose, with the help of her sister Gigi. At the same time, Rex will try to take Schuyler’s life by strangling him. He will not be successful. Nevertheless, it will be hilarious to watch. The truth about the skank-baby will come out in the following weeks and all the guilty parties will be exposed. Does this mean we can expect a Rex and Gigi redo? My magic 8-ball points to YES.