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Glee: Too HOT for TV!!

Last night’s episode of Glee was devoted to the works of the magnificent works of Madonna. Who knew Sue Sylvester could belt out Vogue like that? The episode was really devoted to the characters taking control of their lives and expressing themselves. With Madonna music belting from the loud speakers, Sue insulted Will, Finn slept with Santanna, and Rachel almost slept with the “traitor” Jesse St. James. Will almost had sex with Emma, who just couldn’t give herself completely to him. In the end, it was more of Finn and Rachel fighting off the inevitable. This by far was one of the most hilarious and entertaining episode of Glee by far, but most of all, it was the HAWTEST episode to date.

Best Glee line so far this season:

Sue to Will: “Oh Schuester, there you are. I thought I smelled the aroma of cookies baking in the small ovens of elves.”