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Glee: Puckberry Juice


It only took about two episodes of the new series Glee to make us fall in love with the mohawk donning Puck. With the baby mama drama as the main focus currently, Puck seemed to slip into the background. Quinn announced she was pregnant and Rachel and Finn were over before they started. Watching Rachel mope over Finn was starting to become annoying and apparently, we are not the only ones to notice. Puck has taken a liking to Rachel as well. This week, Puck will break bad with a guitar and serenade Rachel with his own sexy version of Sweet Caroline. Although the room will be full of other glee club members and all the girls think Puck is singing to them, it is obvious from the preview that we saw that he only has eyes for Rachel. This episode hasn’t even aired yet and a the squish name Puckberry has been born. We only have eyes for Puck, but we accept Rachel as part of the deal.

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Call 911! NBC Robs The Cast of Glee!


Fox’s Glee is the show to watch these days, therefore it amazes us that NBC refuses to let the cast float through the Macy’s Day Parade this year. Envy rears it’s ugly head! NBC can see very clearly that Glee is big competition for any of the umpteenth medical dramas that they air. Thus, NBC robbed the cast of Glee of the opportunity to once again show why they are so damn popular in the first place. Call the police! If you want to read the Times magazine article about this subject, we have linked you the Times magazine website. Thanks!

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Surprisingly Soap-a-Licious: Glee

I am not going to lie. I had my reservations about Glee when Jessica mentioned it during the spring televisionglee_cast_fox season. Fox aired the pilot episode then and it came and went, unwatched by me. Over the months, Jess has opened my eyes to a broader range of entertainment. I have fallen victim to Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, and with the help of my daughter, High School Musical. (I find the latter to be intolerable)

glee2When I saw the previews on Glee for the season premiere, I virtually rushed to youtube to watch any available clips. I had to admit to myself that I was slightly intrigued and committed to watching the premiere, and so I did. The title explains what the show is based on: a glee club that is struggling to stay alive while an evil dominatrix of a coach tries to destroy it. The club is ran by a young married man, Will Schuester, who is expecting his first child and trying to make ends meet.

The show had everything you would expect. Talented people singing and dancing. A diverse group of 6 that gleeinclude Artie, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Tina, and Rachel. High school drama between the students, and the customary evil cheerleader, Quinn. A show down between the evil coach, Sue, and the nice glee club leader. What I wasn’t expecting was the soap opera-esqueness and humor that the show provided as well. If you are like me, you know a show is good when the following three events occur:

1. You laugh your ass off the entire time.

2. You get goose bumps watching people sing and dance.

3. One of the characters finds out she is having a hysterical pregnancy and decides to keep it a secret from her husband.

glee1Enter Coach Bitch Sue and Principal Hilarious and the show is just about perfect. Glee also teased us with what could be a “love story” between Will and his cute and hilarious coworker, school guidance counselor Emma. There is an obvious connection and trouble is lurking in Will’s marriage as the above mentioned No. 3 pertains to his wife, Terri.

Let me mention once again that Glee was flippin hilarious and you should watch it!