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Today’s Soapy Birthdays

Brittany Snow, 24 ( Susan Lemay, GL / Lily Rhodes, Gossip Girl )

Kerr Smith, 38 ( Ryder Hughes, ATWT / Jack McPhee, Dawson’s Creek )

Brian Heidik, 42 ( Tim Rollins, DAYS / Marlon Bales, Angel Falls )

Finn Carter, 50 ( Sierra Esteban Reyes Montgomery Drake , ATWT )

Lauren Koslow, 57 ( Kate Roberts, DAYS / Lindsey Wells, Y&R / Margo Lynley, B&B )

George Jenesky, 60 ( Nick Corelli, DAYS ) *Now goes by the name Conrad Dunn*

Jaime Lyn Bauer, 61 ( Laura Horton, DAYS / Lorie Brooks, Y&R / Kathy, Knots Landing )

Jeffrey Osborne, 62 ( Himself, Santa Barbara )

Trish Van Devere, 67 ( Meredith Lord Wolek, OLTL / Patti Barron Tate Whiting McCleary, SFT )

Joseph Gallison, 75 ( Dr. Neil Curtis, DAYS / Bill Matthews Jr., Another World / Tom Edwards, OLTL / Steven Cord, Return to Peyton Place )

Joyce Van Patten, 76 ( Janice Turner Hughes, ATWT / Carol Prudy, Desperate Housewives )

Today’s Soap Birthdays!

Matthew Marsden, 37 ( Daniel Weir, Emmerdale Farm / Chris Collins, Coronation Street )

Julie Bowen, 40 ( Gwen, Dawson’s Creek / Shelley, Party of Five )

Lauren Martin, 40 ( Camille, ATWT / Jenkins, Another World / Susan, AMC / Sheryl, GL )

Laura Harring, 46 ( Evelyn Bass, Gossip Girl / Paula Stevens, Sunset Beach / Carla Greco, GH)

Mary Page Keller, 49 ( Sally Frame, Another World / Amanda Kirkland, Ryan’s Hope )

Darnell Williams, 55 ( Jesse Hubbard, AMC / Griggs, GL / Jacob Foster, Loving & The City )

What We Might Not Be Watching: Life Unexpected


If you visit the 411 on Soaps often, you know we are big fans of the CW and it’s many prime time dramas, as long as they are worth the hype. Such shows include Melrose Place, 90210, and Gossip Girl. That list may not include upcoming Life Unexpected, which is supposed to appease us until our regularly scheduled programming returns. It isn’t that the premise is so ridiculous, it’s the actors’ ages I can’t begin to take seriously in correlation with the storyline. A young girl is put up for adoption and goes in search of her real parents, whom she finds, they offer her a stable home….yada, yada, yada…

However, there is a plus to this show, Kerr Smith is in it, which prompts my interest to be peaked.

So, the moral of the story is: If you like light drama with a feel good twist, this may be the show for you. We, however, might be sitting this one out. Tell us what you think. Leave us a comment below!