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In the Nick of Time: GL

tom-pelphrey-picJonathan finally came home to Reva today, surprising her in her own house as he is known to do. Reva was overjoyed to see him, and they quickly started to bond over Colin. Reva asked about Sarah, and it seemed to be he skirted the subject. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. Reva left to go get some photo albums, and Jonathan picked up his celly and dialed Jeffrey.

A handsome and clean shaven Jeffrey answered and asked how Reva was doing. Jonathon said she was as can be expected. Jeffrey then asked Jonathan if he had seen Edmund, to which he said no. Reva came back and Jonathon quickly hung up. Reva and Jonathon looked at photos of Jeffrey and Colin while she cried on his shoulder.

Predictable story lines be damned, it was wonderful to see Tom Pelphrey on my screen. It was even more wonderful to see Reva smiling and laughing, if even for a second.

Is it a fair trade?

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A sort of a trade-off, in my opinion. Days Of Our Lives fans were outraged earlier this year, and in late 2008, when Ken Corday announced the departures of Deidre Hall (Marlena), Drake Honesty (John), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla), Stephen Nichols (Steve) and Thaoo Penghlis (Tony). However, fans of the early 1990’s of Days seem to be rejoicing. Crystal Chappell (ex Maggie, OLTL; Olivia, GL) is returning as Dr. Carly Manning/Katerina Von Leuschner. Louise Sorel brings Vivian Alamain back, and Wally Kurth (ex Ned, GH) is back as Justin Kiriakis. It’s a casting whirlwind at Days Of Our Lives, but people do not seem to mind. Fan favorite Sorel has been sorely missed during her decade off. It will be exciting to see what Days has in store for her as she returns to Salem.

One of the more ironic returns is that of Wally Kurth. His character of Justin was wildly popular with Judi Evans’ (ex Paulina, AW; ex Beth, GL) Adrienne. Judi, who also played Bonnie, recently departed from Days after a brief stint as Adrienne. Viewers wondered if Justin would return, and, of course, he didn’t. Now that Justin does return to Days, Judi Evans joins As The World Turns as Maeve, beginning on August 26. How ironic, indeed. I just hope that Justin brings back one of his children to town. He has 2 adopted children with Adrienne (they are twins): Victor and Joseph. He has son Alexander with Anjelica Deveraux, and he has Jackson biologically with Adrienne. Alexander would be 20 years old now, without SORASing. Joseph and Victor are both 18, without SORASing. I don’t remember how old Jackson is, but we could make him Will’s age, 16. I think that Justin’s return could be used well, especially in this Kiriakis-DiMera feud.

What do you all think of these returns? Would like to see other returns? Do you think that the firing of Drake, Dee, Stephen & Mary Beth was worth it, if this is the outcome? Let us know!

The Guiding Light Leads to One Life To Live

daniel_cosgroveWord on the street is that Guiding Light actor Daniel Cosgrove (Bill) will be coming to Llanview after Guiding Light ends in September. He will move into the role of Joey Buchanan. While I am not yet sure why Joey is returning to Llanview, I am for one, excited to have a hot new guy on my favorite soap! Since I am unable to spoil any new storyline for you, I will give you some history on just who Joey Buchanan is.

Joey is the son of Viki Lord Riley Davidson and Joe Riley. After Joe’s death, Viki married Clint Buchanan and Clint adopted both Joey and his brother, Kevin. Joey was involved romantically with Dorian, his mother’s nemisis, as well as Dorian’s daughter, Kelly Cramer. Later he became a pastor and married Jennifer Rappaport, daughter of Lindsay. Jennifer had an affair with Rex Balsom, which ended her marriage to Joey. Joey left for London to work for Buchanan Enterprises in 2004, only to briefly return to Llanview when his mother had a heart transplant. Joey was last played by Nathan Fillion who can now be seen on Castle, which is an awesome show!

So there you have it. I can’t wait to see what Daniel Cosgrove brings to the show. I’m sure it will be worth watching!!

Lizzie still ROCKS and so does Guiding Light

I really want my site to be a success. Therefore, I am now watching soaps that I stopped watching for whatever reason. I just watched my first eppy of Guiding Light in years. I am not completely clueless. I know that Phillip came back. I know about the Reva/Jeffery/Baby/Cancer debacle and other random GL stuff. I must say that after watching it, I am soooo sad its getting cancelled. I watched five minutes of yesterdays episode and I am already hooked right on in.

My all time favorite good girl gone bad gone good again is Lizzie Spaulding, and she is marrying the hottest guy on the show Bill! I am not going to lie. Two things dismay me: Otalia and Ashley. Ashley is just as needy and annoying and alone as before. Still thought she had something with Coop….

Josh Driscoll, who played Coop, is coming to Y&R in the form of Phillip Chancellor the IV. He is so hot, I don’t care if he comes to play a background prop. I am down for whatever.

Someone please answer this question for me: Is there any way that Thom Pelphry will rejoin for the end of the show? This is me, crossing my fingers…

That’s all I’ve got to say about. Need more GL! Until I blog again, same bitch time….same bitch channel…