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Y&R’s New Heather: Love Her or Hate Her?

I am a soap fan that believes that it takes a little time to get used to a recast. However, with Eden Riegel comes high expectations! I thought Eden looked fabulous as Heather. Eden’s baby voice is something to overcome, but overall, I was impressed. What do you think of the new Heather Stevens? Love her or hate her? Or just not decided? Please leave your comments below and let us know what you think!

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Y&R: Was She or Wasn’t She?


I just read a piece on Daytime Confidential regarding Vail Bloom and her exit from Y&R. Bloom’s publicist has gone on record to say that it was her decision to leave the show, as it was time for her to pursue other options (via CBS Soaps in Depth). Many fans and soaps journalists alike think that this is crap, and it might just be. However, I don’t blame Vail Bloom for wanting to save face, so let’s give the girl some peace and wish her the best.

Thanks to DC for the scoop!

Y&R: A Love Trade-Off?

1Victoria left Genoa City so that she and husband JT can put their relationship into perspective. I cannot speak for Victoria, but all JT has been doing since she left is whine and lean on ex-girlfriend Mac for support. The sickeningly sick Mac is more than happy to give it to him. On New Years Eve, we saw that despite the years of discord between Victoria and Billy, there is an electricity between them that cannot be denied. This week, Billy and Vicky get trapped at the airport together because of the weather and their bond will continue to grow. Is JT going to end up with Mac and Victoria with Billy? That is yet to be determined. One thing is for sure, the Hellstrom-Newman marriage is in serious trouble and these outside interferences are only going to cause the rift between them to grow. Oh. And let us not forget about the ever intriguing Heather Stevens, who has also caught Billy’s attention and tested out a bit of his bed side manner!

Y&R: Jill the Tramp and the Garbage Pail Kids


So I decided I wasn’t going to watch today’s Y&R due to some spoilers I read, and then I decided that I should watch it because, well, what the hell else am I going to do? Anyway, on Friday’s eppy we saw Phyllis digging through the cleanest trash in the cleanest landfill I have ever seen in an effort to save the innocent Daniel. Today, the whole damn town joined Phyllis in her trash hunting. Except for Daniel and Amber, who remained in the hospital giving each other googly eyes and giving each other imaginary christmas presents.

Eden was the one to find the incriminating evidence against the real killer. Abby called Daisy to give her a heads up and Ryder sent her on over to the landfill. How is it that no one questions the constant presence of Daisy, who has absolutely nothing to do with anything? oh yes, and Michael calls Heather who shows up as well. Oy vey! Evidence aside, I get the feeling that Daniel isn’t out of the woods yet. Unfortunately for us, might I add. I am ready for this storyline to be OVER.

What I find most amusing about Y&R lately is Jill and her ability to sleep with anything that happens to be rich and breathing. Tucker is laughing in her face, and Jill is falling for him right before our very eyes. So who the hell is Tucker anyway? I predict that Katherine never had that long lost daughter in the first place, but that she had a son and that son is Tucker. I know some fans are holding out hope that Nikki is Katherine’s daughter, but I don’t think even Y&R would go there. Tucker tells Jill that if she can Katherine to turn down his offer, he will give her $1 million. Jill’s greedy ass would jump on the chance, but Katherine beats her to it by taking Tucker up on his offer. This of course gives Tucker yet another reason to laugh in Jill’s face. Ouch.

Speaking of Nikki….Victor and Nikki come back to Genoa City this week, but not with each other. What is that all about?!