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The 411 Superstar of the Week: Heather Tom


On B&B this week, Katie discovered the truth about the Dare line via a confession from Brooke. Katie immediately shared the devastating news with her husband, Bill. After that, all hell broke loose. Heather Tom brought all her skills to the table, defending her sisters to her overpowering husband. I could see Katie’s heart ripping in two as she realized she had to choose between her hot ass husband and her family. She chose Donna and Brooke in the end, but her heart is still wholeheartedly with Bill. Kudos to Heather Tom. We can’t wait to see what happens next!

A Woman Of Many Faces: Victoria Newman

Victoria Newman (Y&R) is, and always has been, a complex character. She craves control and is driven by a need to please her powerful and overbearing father, business tycoon Victor Newman. Like most women, and her mother Nikki, Victoria is also driven by love. At this time, Victoria is unhappily married to J.T. Hellstrom and is an adoring mother to young son Reed.

heather4The most memorable actress to play Victoria was Heather Tom (1991-1997). Heather grew up on the set of Y&R. We watched her grow from the spoiled Newman brat that we hated with a passion to a beautiful and savvy businesswoman with a mind of her own. “All good things must come to an end.” Heather decided that it was time to explore her other options. Her exit was hard for some fans to take.

Sarah Aldrich portrayed Victoria for a brief stint in 1997. Sarah gave it good go, but her portrayal of the heather3character was not what fans were looking for. Sarah was let go when Heather’s hiatus came to an end. After six more years on the show, Heather Tom left again, for what heathercould be the last time. “Never say never!”

Victoria, on the other hand, returned to Genoa City two years later with a new face, Amelia Heinle. It tookheather1 some getting used to, but fans eventually warmed to Amelia’s version of the character. Amelia lives a soap opera within a soap opera. Her husband on the set, J.T. Hellstrom, is also Amelia’s husband in real life, Thad Luckinbill. So what comes after love and marriage? Babies! Amelia and Thad are having a baby and this surely means that a maternity leave will be in order.

heather2Rumors are swirling all over the internet that Amelia will be replaced by Emmy winner Tamara Braun. After some contemplation, we have come to the conclusion that this, if true, could be great for Y&R and us too! Tamara was amazing as bad-girl-gone-good Carly on GH, delightfully confused (but not) as Reese on AMC, and totally psychotic as Ava on Days, proving that she can cover just about any angle Y&R might throw at her.

What about a little wishful casting? There is an abundance of actors and actresses on the market now that aheather5 certain CBS soap has met its demise. Let us imagine a future in which Gina Tognoni portrays Victoria Newman. The possibilities are endless!

Best & Worst Dressed: Daytime Emmys 2009

As I reported earlier, I definitely found Bobbie Eakes to be the worst dressed this year. Quite frankly, it’s sad that I never even saw those horrid shoes. Heather Tom, on the other hand, looked amazingly beautiful. Ronn Moss looks like he was actually trying out to be a guest on The Count’s Sesame Street show. I am not a big fan of Susan Haskill and at first, I wasn’t a big fan of her dress either. Upon reflection, I think it is pretty damn cute, so she deserves an honorable mention from me! Thanks to our Twitter divas @LorenaxCampos and @BrookeLogan09 for digging up these pics for me!

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