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ATWT: Holden Goes to Jail!

1This week in Oakdale, a body floats up and is identified as that of Damian Grimaldi’s. Then a witness surfaces who puts Holden at the scene of the crime. Holden will be arrested, but will he really go down for this? Lily and a guild ridden Molly will team up to get Holden out of jail. Later, Reid claims that the body couldn’t possibly be Damian’s. Is he dead or not? Guess we will have to wait and see!

ATWT: Meg-a-Saurus Rex

1 Today’s episode of ATWT was full of tense and exciting moments! Damian and Holden finally had words (alone) about this whole Lily debacle. Sadly, no fistacuffs occurred. Holden stayed at the house, and Damian left. Where did he go? Well, during Damian’s visit to the Snyder house, Lily was busy spitting verbal vomit at Meg in yet another confrontation. Meg-a-Saurus Rex is ruthless when it comes to Lily and insults, and she did not fail to meet her Lily-bashing quota. I find it amusing that Meg-a-Saurus claims that she dislikes Lily because of her “abuse” of Holden. I think it has a little more to do with the fact that Lily rules the roost of men in Oakdale, and she always will. Meg was the main attraction for a little while, with Dusty and Damian fighting for her affections. In the end, Meg-a-Saurus ended up getting played by both. So, where did Damian go after his to-do with Holden? He went to Meg to apologize for everything he has put her through. Meg straightened up that square jaw of hers and told Damian that she wants everyone to be happy, all the while, lying through her teeth. I think Lily better watch out, Meg-a-Saurus Rex is on secret attack, and she is carnivorous!

Love It or Hate It? ATWT: Meave’s Makeover

7464_1337889Judi Evans has always been one of those actresses whose beauty seems to go through phases according to her hair-do. Ms. Evans has been on a variety of daytime dramas with a variety of different do’s and I have always found her to be the most beautiful when her hair is long and straight. This year, Judi joined the cast of As the World Turns as an abused trailer park wife of a dirty scoundrel, Ebb. Her hair was long and beautiful, straight, with bangs. I really liked it. After getting closer to Holden and finally escaping her abusive marriage, Meave decided to take a little of Ebb’s stolen cash to get herself an Oakdalian make-over. As you can see, she now looks similar to some of the veteran actresses on the show, such as Barbara and Lisa. Again we have the short hair and the ever popular loud ass colorful outfit and matching earrings. Why does she feel the need to age herself? Holden got a look at his new lady friend’s new look today and calmly reminded her that she needed to return every cent of that stolen money. I was left wondering if Holden was feeling any different about going home to Lily after he saw Meave’s new “look”. Don’t get me wrong, Judi looks great either way, but I preferred that long hair look on her. What about you ATWT fans? How do you feel about Maeve’s not so trailer trashy look? Leave us a comment and let us know if you love it, or hate it?

Holden Snyder: Addicted to Distress

I have been watching As The World Turns since I was a young whipper snapper and I have seen Holden and7310_468745 Lily break up, make up , get married, get divorced, die, and come back to life. I have watched Lily have affairs and Holden have affairs but they always find their way back to each other. Recently Holden “died” in a fatal truck-off-the-cliff-giant-explosion accident. Lily, of course, was traumatized and ex-husband Damian was there to hold her hand and slip under her sheets. As can be expected, Holden isn’t dead. After being found wounded and unconscious, a podunk couple from the backwoods took Holden back to their place and tied him up, thus holding him hostage. Handsome Holden has impressed the better half of the criminal couple, Maeve, and this week they escaped from Ebb’s evil dirty clutches. In a moment of excitement, the two escapees shared a kiss. If I know Holden, they will soon share some floor space somewhere while they engage in a little “on the lam” extra curricular activity. After Maeve shared her tale of abusive Ebb woe with Holden, I saw the wheels turning in his head as he realized he had feelings for this “damsel in distress”. So now that Lily has had comfort sex with Damian and been busted by daughter Faith and Holden is thisclose to sleeping with Maeve, is the Snyder fairytale finally over?

ATWT Secrets Exposed!

libertyOk. That title may have been a little over-exaggerated, but here are a couple of secrets that will have some spillage soon:

It’s not a big surprise, but Liberty is now pregnant thanks to her one night stand with some punk kid after being ignored by Parker.

Even less of a shock…Holden is alive! Maeve (Judi Evans) and Eb Stone (Frank Clem) will be keeping him as their captive of sorts. I definitely see new love in the air for Holden!

All signs point to sex for Rosanna and Craig. I ponder how Carly will feel about this?