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Jackass of the Month: Y&R’s Jack Abbott

Patty tricked Jack when she came back to Genoa City as Mary Jane on Y&R. She tricked him again by drugging Emily and breaking bad on a bottle of peroxide and becoming Jack’s wife. For months Patty has been living as Emily while Emily rots away at the sanitarium. Jack Abbott is our Jackass of the Month because he slept with Patty, he slept with Patty as Mary Jane, and he slept with Patty as Emily. Any other man could tell what was up, even on soaps. It makes me wonder if he has any feeling down there at all….

Sharon Newman: A Genoa City Embarrassment


When Sharon Newman first arrived in Genoa City in 1994, she was a young and beautiful blonde stunner. In the 15 years since, she has gradually become a raging idiot with a shameless and undeniable reputation as the town’s biggest tramp.

That’s saying quite a bit.

It was so adorable watching her and Nick Newman’s young and forbidden love blossom. He was the spoiled rich kid with a daredevil’s mentality. She was the small-town girl who was somehow elegant despite being steeped in poverty. The valor that young Nick displayed in his unpopular pursuit of Sharon was admirable, dangerous and yes, charming. Heck, good ole Nick even landed himself in jail while defending her honor. Back then, Sharon deserved such attention and sacrifice.

That woman doesn’t exist anymore.

The dumbing down of Sharon Newman was birthed by her insatiable promiscuity. Her male conquests have been almost too numerable to remember. Almost overnight, Sharon began allowing virtually any and everything to serve as an excuse to jump into bed with another guy. I guess that’s where her name comes from; she’s always “sharin” herself with a “new man.”

Frank Baritt impregnated her with Cassie back in the 1990’s. Then she ended up marrying Nick a couple years after they met. Mixed in there was a sexual assault at the hands of Matt Clark, which may have secretly been pleasurable to the “tramp with no conscience.” She soon got loose with a Crimson Lights employee named Diego. Then gave some honey to sociopathic tycoon Cameron Kirsten in a Denver hotel room. That indiscretion became a gigantic debacle that caused poor and fragile Sharon to unravel like a spool of thread tied to a race car.

At one point, Sharon even semi made-out with her father-in-law, the Great Victor Newman and seemed willing to take it further if it came to that! In the following years, she’s slutted herself out to Jack Abbott (her husband), Brad Carlton, Billy Abbott (her brother-in-law) and several times to Nick while he was married to Phyllis! At one point, men were just rotating in and out of her hotel room at the GCAC, using her like a strip club toilet and amazingly cherishing her like a prized painting. Making matters worse, she bobs her head annoyingly when she is trying to make a point or “stand up” for herself. It makes her look like an airheaded bobblehead.

Now, little miss sperm dumpster ran off with Nick’s half-brother Adam and married him. This is when her transformation to become the quintessential village idiot became complete. Adam, who is nearly totally blind, masterfully manipulated Sharon into thinking that the baby that she was pregnant with died during delivery. In truth, Adam took her baby while she was groggy and gave it to Ashley, who was also in “labor,” but in truth had unknowingly miscarried months before. Now Sharon is happily married to the guy that callously took her baby from her without her knowledege and repeatedly defends him to anyone who warns her. It’s that same idiocy that enabled ex-hubby Jack Abbott to make a fool of her time and time again.

Anyone as dumb and easy as Sharon Newman is, deserves to be manipulated. FOREVER!

by Deante Young

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Most Awesome Character of the Decade: Kitty Benson


Mary Jane Benson came to Genoa City earlier this year to do the damn thing for Victor and she more than accomplished her goals. Of course, Mary Jane was really Patty Williams, Jack’s psychotic ex wife from way back in the day. In fact, when Jack was married to Patty he wasn’t even played by Peter Bergman. That’s really besides the point. Colleen is dead. Victor has her heart. Patty is in the sanitarium. The whole damn town has gone insane. The best part of the storyline was the addition of Kitty Benson. Poor Kitty was Patty’s pet and companion, though he didn’t have much choice in the matter. Kitty Benson was stuffed! Victor’s golden retriever got a hold of Kitty and ripped him to pieces, resulting in the death of Kitty and eventually the death of Zapato as well, when Patty got a hold of him. Kitty Benson made an appearance at the Daytime Emmy Awards this year, accompanied by Patty and Dr. Emily Peterson portrayer Stacy Haiduk. Kitty didn’t take home an Emmy on that day, but his legacy will live on in Patty’s new, and very much alive, kitten who she named Kitty Kitty Benson. We here at the 411 choose to call him Kitty Squared. Patty even told Paul that Kitty Squared may be getting a playmate soon! But I digress….

R.I.P. Kitty Benson!

Y&R: Jack Proposes to Dr. Emily!


Love must be falling off of the trees in Genoa City because the people in this town move fast! The recently divorced Sharon married her ex-husband Nick’s brother, Adam. Sharon’s most recent ex, Jack, is moving on as well. Via a ring in a wine glass, (no, that’s not cliche at all!) Jack proposes to Dr. Emily, who just happens to be a dead ringer for the psychotic ex wife that shot him years ago. Much like Taylor from B&B, Dr. Emily is one of worst psychiatrists I have ever seen. Marrying Jack is a fool’s move, but Dr. Emily says yes, claiming she wants to be with Jack forever. Now, what does it all mean? My hypothesis? Probably the same as yours. Patty is going to find out about the engagement between Dr. Em and Jack, break out of the sanitarium, and seek bloody revenge. It’s just theory, of course. What do you think is going to happen? Please leave us a comment below and tell us your thoughts.

Dr. Emily Peterson: The Real Face of Mary Jane


As much as the Mary Jane/Patty Williams debacle has excited and awed us, there have been many questions left unanswered. With Victor on his way out of town, it looked as if many of the answers to these questions would go with him, especially with Patty in no state to tell the truth. This week, we were introduced to Dr. Emily Peterson who apparently has been Patty’s therapist in the past but had not seen her since she had disappeared a year ago. Seeing Emily made things a little clearer. At least now we know where Patty got her new face idea from. Apparently, after Patty was admitted into the psych hospital, Dr. Peterson was called to pick up the pieces. We were surprised to see this new version of “Mary Jane” on our screen, but not as surprised as Emily was when she got her first glimpse of Patty’s new face. Emily questioned Patty and got no where, although Patty did mention that she had always wanted to be like her “best friend”. On today’s episode, a sympathetic Paul went to visit Patty only to walk in and discover Emily grilling her for answers. Paul was horrified to see this woman who looked like his sister and listened intently as Emily filled him in on what she knew. Paul then informed Emily of what he knew and Patty stood in the background talking about her happy marriage to Jack. Sadly, we know little else of Stacy Haiduk’s new role or how long it will last. It is nice to see her play a character who seemingly has a modicum of sense. Key word, seemingly….