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June 2010 Jackass of the Month: J.T. Hellstrom

Little reason needs to be given why Y&R’s J.T. Hellstrom has earned the esteemed title of Jackass of the Month. In the past year, J.T. has been on a mission to prove that the Newmans, especially Victoria, are the most horrible people on earth. Little does he know that his actions prove that J.T. is more like Victor everyday! I am not saying that J.T. doesn’t have the right to be angry over Victoria’s discretions, but keeping her son from her while schmoozing with Mac is too much!

Jackass of the Month: OLTL’s Ford


Here at the 411, we have no problems labeling our Skank of the Month. It has recently been brought to our attention that we should feature a skanky man once a month as well. So we introduce to you: The Jackass of the Month! This month, our jackass is Robert Ford, AKA Ford from OLTL. He came to Llanview with one thing on his mind: SEX! Ford managed to get Langston to sleep with him, only to turn around and brag that he had finally gotten a piece of ass. Ford is pretty to look at, but when he opens his mouth, all I hear is: “I am a jackass!” Hee Haw Hee Haw!