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AMC: Amanda Snitches…On Herself!


It looks like Amanda’s guilty conscious will not let her go on any longer. This week, she will spill the beans to hubby Jake that she slept with her baby’s daddy David for the second time. The reason? Why, to procreate once again! Not sure if it took, but Jake is not going to take the news well. Who would? Expect an interesting turn of events to occur when David stumbles on evidence that he may not be Trevor’s daddy at all!

Chrishelle Stause: OUT (Sort Of)!

Luke Kerr from D.C. (http://www.daytimeconfidential.com) is reporting that Chrishelle Stause will be moving to L.A. but not with All My Children. Luke quoted Chrishelle when she stated that while she hopes to work for the show occasionally, she will not sign a new contract. I can’t say I blame her. Chrishelle is funny and talented, not to mention beautiful (secretly hate her lol) and we believe that she can do great things. Good luck Chrishelle!