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OLTL: Will The Real Crypt Keeper Please Rise Up?

mitchcoffinOn today’s One Life To Live we got quite a shock. At Jared’s funeral, with tears streaming throughout the church, Mitch Laurence rose up out of Jared’s casket like the evil, creepy, slimeball that he is. I, for one, thought WTH? Although I knew that it was going to happen, it was still shocking. So, what does this mean for Natalie, Jessica, and Rex? Someone is gonna go psycho, and I don’t think its going to be Jessica this time. Lets hope that someone puts this guy in the ground for good this time around!

Thanks for reading and remember, you only have One Life To Live! –Jessica 🙂

My Bitch Mitch–OLTL

mitchMitch Lawrence is back and in full force on One Life To Live. Roscoe Born does evil so well, that I am scared of him! Mitch’s rantings about the church is creepy and let us not forget his obsession with Jessica and Natalie, creepy doesn’t even begin to describe that! Mitch coming back from the dead has proven to lead to several new storylines. His return effects Jessica and Natalie of course but also Jared, John, Brody, and….Rex! Now that Rex knows who his father is, this could lead to many different realizations. He is now Jessica’s half brother, or is he? Could he really be Jess’s twin and not Natalie? Or, what if they are triplets? Anything is possible. And, could Mitch also be the father of Schuyler? Schuyler does not know who his father is, and we already have people speculating that Sky and Rex could be brothers. Mitch’s return is proving to be one for the ages! He also has some information on our dear Charlie. Who did Charlie murder and why? Do we have a case of the “StepFather” going on? Jared has already been killed, will Charlie be the next to go? How long is Mitch going to be around?  Is it possible that his return will be brief, and that his return is only meant for getting rid of Jared and Charlie to make room for Gina Tognoni to return as Kelly Cramer? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

Thanks for reading and remember, you only have One Life To Live!– Jessica

Will Jared Die? / OLTL

jaredandnatalie Will Jared die? That is the question of the hour! Why do I ask this question? Well according to Soap Opera Digest, Jared will make a confession to Natalie. He will tell her that he did know the stalker. Jared will be released and head up to the Buchanan cabin. For whatever reason, Natalie calls John but then realizes she must get to Jared before John does. Once she arrives at the cabin she finds blood but does not know to whom it belongs. Could it be Jared’s?  We all know that John Brotherton has been let go, so are they going to kill off his character? We will have to watch and find out!

Thanks for reading and remember, you only have One Life To Live!– Jessica

JBo’s Jivin’ Predictions/ GH and OLTL

Hey guys! Jessica (Jbo2231) here to share with you my latest predictions! So, lets do this!

First, on General Hospital, my common sense is screaming at me that the following will happen: Sonny will find out about Claudia’s role in Michael’s shooting. He will kill her, and as she is dying, she will tell him that not only is Dominic really Dante, but that Dante is his son! Shocker right? No, not so much. But I’d bet money that this is how it’ll go down.

Ok, for my next prediction, I’m gonna go out on a limb! We have recently learned that Thorsten Kaye will not be moving to LA with All My Children. I predict that he will go back to One Life To Live as either Patrick or Ian, yes I know that Patrick is dead, like that has ever mattered! So, with Mr. Thornhart back in Llanview, he and Marty will get together leaving John available for Natalie who will now be single again after Jared is put in prison because the actor who plays him, John Brotherton, was ‘let go’!

So, what do you guys think? Have any predictions of your own? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Thanks for reading and remember, you only have One Life To Live!  XO, Jessica

OLTL Spoiler Alert! 10/5

We apologize the blandness of the site as we are experiencing technicalities. Anyway, Ray Charles could see that Jared is the mysterious stalker of Jessica Buchanan. Looks like Blair will tell Todd the truth. That makes us ponder if that will end up in a round of hot angry sex. Want to know more? Click on the link to be taken to Soaps.com for latest dish. Thanks!

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