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First Thoughts: Tucker McCall 2.0


Soap vet Stephen Nichols took over the role of Tucker McCall from sitcom dad William Russ and premiered today in his first episode. As much as I enjoyed William Russ in the role, it was obvious from his first two minutes on screen that Nichols was better suited for the role. Tall, handsome, and sexy, Tucker 2.0 is HAWT. What are your thoughts on Nichols as Tucker? Will you miss Russ in the role?

Y&R: Katherine’s Daughter or a Big Ass Hoax?


Last week on Y&R, we got a small glimpse at the woman whom we are supposed to believe is Katherine’s long lost daughter who is portrayed by Caroline Aaron. “Joanne Glover” is obviously a drunk with a rough past, but is she really Katherine’s daughter? My soap senses are tingling and for me, all signs still point to Tucker McCall as the missing spawn. What are your opinions? Please leave your comments below. Thanks!