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GH: What the #%*$ is Port Chuck?

According to Daytime Confidential, Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) pulled his castmates together and created Port Chuck with Brandon Barash (Johnny), Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) and longtime friend Scott Reeves (Steven). For all the deets, click here to hit up the Port Chuck website.

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GH: Secrets, Gunshots, and Superheroes! Oh My!


They day has arrived and they named him…wait for it…Franco. How creatively unique is that? It must have taken hours of perusing through names until they fell upon the right one. *roll my eyes* It’s become quite obvious that names are just not such a big deal anymore.

“He must’ve brought some of his superpowers with him from the Spiderman movie, since he was able to stand out in the open to watch the shootout without getting hurt.” That came from Danny. For all who do not know Danny, he is my 11yr old son and he watches GH and now B&B (he ADORES Sarah Brown) with me. Just like his mama he has strong opinions that he has no problem voicing.

I have indeed been sucked into the Franco storyline, dude is straight up freaky! How can I not love a guy who stood there and waved to Jason and Sonny?? That was some classic ish right there! Also, the forensics geek that I am wonders why it’s of little importance in Port Chucky. I mean, Franco’s prints are all over Joey Limbos body, as is his shoeprint on his neck, just sayin’.

My apologies to LL2 fans, I FLOVE the hotness that is NIZ!! There I said it! Put Lucky with Kristina or something, after all, they look the same age. Can I tell you that I totally forgot Lucky was a cop? He looks very out of place. Ahh, Danny chimes in, you have heard that he still doesn’t approve of JJ as Lucky, feels like Liz is kissing her little brother, now he has coined him Ben 10. Don’t know who that is? Google it.

So, I found myself thinking out loud “WTF does Sam have to do with any of this and why is SHE at the art show?” Ahh…the security cameras! Of course! My bad. Guess they had to include her somehow! While I was thinking this, Danny’s “Robot Hitman” dislike grows. He also loves Spinelli and as we all know, Jason wasn’t very nice to him yesterday. You know, the usual, “drop everything you are doing because I need this done” *stare* *blink*.

Also, I really like the relationship forming between Dante & Sonny. I am hoping this helps when the ish hits the fan about his paternity and I like that Dante is seeing a different side to Sonny. I do believe this is all going to become quite interesting.

The JoLivia scenes were painful to watch. Brandon Barash delivered as always and so good that he made me dislike Johnny very much. I didn’t think that was possible and I even tweeted that to him. He made my Jax instincts kick in and I was ready to throw stuff at the TV. Lisa LoCicero was absolutely amazing as the heartbroken mom stuck between a rock and a hard place. Like I told her, while my JoLivia heart was breaking, my mommy heart was completely with Olivia. Now, let’s remember folks, even if they kiss and make up, there’s still another secret…