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GH: Wait…..What?!


Jason bought Liz’s house? I thought Emily did? Am I wrong? Somebody help me out here. I am really sick of seeing Lucky get played, so can we just let him walk in on Niz and get this over with, please? Of course, I kind of want the Niz sex to happen too. What a predicament.

Carly, had a baby, in a cabin, spent 2.5 seconds in the hospital and she’s already out and about? WITHOUT the baby! To go see Jason *roll my eyes*, so sick of this dude. Oh so concerned about Michael and his future, um, HELLO Robot Hitman! (Thank you Claudia!) How about your own kid? Oh whatever, I am not going to get started on that. However, I did LOL when Carly asked him if he thought Spinelli would like her cheesy snacks (Doritos) and he looked at them and said “No, not his brand.” Almost favorite line of the day goes to Carly: “See this is why I hate Elizabeth.” That’s my old Carly coming back. Love her Liz hate!

Was Lulu for real today? She seriously needed to be slapped. It’s times like this when I go back to saying Olivia needs a daughter because Dante needs a sister that can do that for him, Kristina doesn’t count. Sidenote: LuDa had their first fight…say it with me now “Awwwww”…..

Was that the first Lulu/Lucky scene? I am withholding commentary on that…for now.

Now to where my heart lies: JoLivia, my babies. The ish has hit the fan and it’s not pretty. To be completely honest, all of the Johnny/Olivia/Sonny scenes made me very uncomfortable. It’s like they are trying to make Johnny out to be some psycho abuser, which he is not. The last scenes with him coming to Olivia with flowers (!) after finding out that Dominic Pirelli is Dante Falconeri, her son and an undercover cop (thank you Lulu) quite honestly freaked me out. I am very interested to see how tomorrow goes.
Line of the day goes to Olivia: “I love you so much” to Johnny of course. Why? Because to me that was the first time it seemed like she actually meant it.

Honorable mention goes to her line about breaking a frying pan over his head and pushing him down the stairs if he hit her. Yea, that one made me LOL.

Oh and how about that Franco sighting? I think I am officially excited for Franco time!!


Thank you to johnnyandolivia.com (@johnnyandolivia) for this pic.

Gwaddie’s Great Lint Challenge: Please Accept It!

Gwaddie’s Great Lint Challenge!

GH Fans, it’s time to collect some lint! If you’re a JOLIVIA fan, I’ve got an extra incentive for you to go lint hunting!!

Everyone has lint (and no, not belly button lint!). It’s time to dig for your lint. Look in the couch, look in the car change holder, look under the bed, look in your desk drawers. The lint I’m talking about is the lint that’s connected to pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters.

Now, chances are these coins are gonna be ugly—afterall, they’ve been abandoned and neglected. But you know what? They can serve a purpose. They can change lives. Yes. Linty coins can change lives. $2.50 can provide medication for nausea relief, buy food for the food pantry, provide bus fare to a clinic-that’s much better than letting those coins lounge around in lint, doing nothing!

I’m going to collect all the ugly, linty coins I can until October 14th. I challenge you to do the same. I will post how much change I’ve found and DARE you to see if you can beat my total! Heck, I might even take a group photo of my linty change!

My challenge to you is to go search out those ugly, linty coins. Gather them up. Count them up and use them to donate to Team Scrubs Wubs Aids Walk LA team! You’ll feel awesome, I promise AND since you weren’t using those coins anyhow, you won’t miss them!

Everyone that accepts my challenge and makes a LINTY COIN donation will be eligible for a random drawing for a JOLIVIA signed Team Scrubs Wubs Aids Walk LA tote bag. Brandon Barash and Lisa LoCicero will be signing a tote bag to help make Aids History. When making your donation, please put an (L) in the dedication section of the form (you can also add any other phrase or dedication—just make sure that the (L) is in there!)

So…..go find the lint and let’s put those ugly coins together to save lives! LINT RULES!

We Heart Jolivia!

Even though we all knew that Olivia would break up with Johnny and all that jazz, but we also knew it wouldn’t last. Regardless, they are back on! Jess and I do not always agree on everything soaps, so I find it amusing that, as a team, we find Jolivia to be the hottest and sexiest couple on daytime television. Thanks to our girl Chrissie for posting these spectacular pictures on Twitter!