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AMC: JR Can’t Fight That Loving Feelin!

AMC’s JR set out to destroy Annie and get his father to divorce her. JR’s plan is backfiring big time as he continues to fall for Asylum Annie against his will. I can’t say I blame him. He is married to Marissa after all. Will JR and Annie be the next hot couple on AMC? Tell us what you think! Please leave your comments below.

AMC Spoiler Alert 3/8


Adam helps Annie through her insecurities.

Brooke promises Adam that she will keep he and Annie’s secret.

JR’s situation is dire.

David has revenge on his mind.

Greenlee takes out her anger on Ryan.

David spies on Annie and Adam.

Liza makes a surprising discover.

Tad gets a ghostly visit from Dixie.

AMC: Asylum Annie is a Match!


Last week in Pine Valley, JR’s condition worsened and the Chandler family rallied around him. Each member of the Chandler family had their bone marrow tested to see if they were a match for JR. It turns out that arch enemy Annie is a partial match. This week, Annie agrees to be an anonymous donor for JR. Will she actually go through with it? My soap senses are telling me that Asylum Annie will screw this “good” deed up like she does most everything else!