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B&B: Will Bill Sleep with Steffy?

This week, Steffy takes her plan to nab Bill for her own to the next level. As per her usual inappropriate shenanigans, Steffy 1will show up in Bill’s office with an offer of an already purchased lunch. Intrigued as always, Bill will accept. Steffy’s machinations will continue as she stages an “intimate” moment with Bill just as Donna is walking by playing I-Spy. Donna will run right to Katie with the news of what she witnessed and another fight between the Spencers will ensue. Katie leaves during the argument due to an important business meeting, but Big Baby Spencer will assume that she ran out on him again. The always ready, willing, and skanky Steffy will show up to offer her condolences. Bill may just be so upset that he will accept them! Is Bill willing to risk everything just to have sex with Steffy? If so, he seriously loses cool points with me.

B&B: Spencer v Forrester


The drama has been brewing in LA this week with Katie becoming more and more suspicious with every design she saw from the Forresters’ new line, Dare. When Katie decided to corner Brooke and question her about the real motives behind the new line, Brooke cracked and told Katie the whole truth. Brooke then asked Katie to keep mum for now until they find a way to deal with Bill. However, the second $Bill walked into the office Katie told him the whole thing and all hell broke loose…

Bill was furious at the Forresters and the way they fooled his wife and tried to make a laughing stock out of them both. I think that wasn’t the only reason behind his anger. The Forresters didn’t only try to fool Katie, they tried to fool Bill himself, and they almost did fool him. If it weren’t for Katie, the Dare line would have made it to the runway, so it must have killed Bill to know he had been fooled.

Bill started off by telling Ridge how their plan would have never worked and I admit, Ridge was looking stupid there. Bill was being condescending and calm, but one smirk from Donna was enough for him to unleash his fury.

Bill exploded in anger, telling Donna is nothing to the company and that her and Brooke are nothing but jealous tramps. Now at that part Bill was both right and wrong. He was right about Brooke and Donna sleeping with almost every man, and about Donna being nothing to Forrester Creations. Since the day Donna married Eric she has does nothing but call him “honeybear” and drizzle honey all over him (thank God we never see the drizzling part). But even if those things are right, Bill had no right to say them. He should have known that Katie would never accept the way he talked to her sisters. After Bill was finished, he told the Forresters he will never fire them and “dared” them to quit.

After Bill and Katie left, Stuffy took Bill’s place and started putting all the blame on Katie. She started saying everything she could to make it look like it was all the Logans’ fault. Apparently Stuffy forgot that it was her own father and grandfather who stood by and watched the company fall instead of doing something to save that sinking ship. When she said that Brooke and Donna didn’t deserve to be President and Vice President, I knew she must have been high. Katie didn’t just give Brooke and Donna those positions, she first offered them to Eric and Ridge in an attempt to make the best of the horrible situation that was created. The only part were Stuffy was right is when she admitted that Brooke deserved a place in the company unlike Donna who has contributed with nothing.

Katie and Bill took their fight to the beach house, where she started telling him that he crossed the line with her sisters. Katie went on telling Bill those weren’t his employees and that nobody talks to family like that, but Bill wouldn’t take any of that and told her that her sisters can’t be part of their lives anymore.

I really love Bill with Katie, but Bill is putting Katie in a horrible situation by forcing her to choose between him and her sisters. But what’s great about this story line is that you can’t blame just one person for everything, everyone contributed to making a bad situation even worse!

B&B: Just Married


On Friday $Bill and Katie said their “I dos” and became Mr. & Mrs. Bill Spencer. The wedding venue was a simple public park next to the Logans’ valley home. At first I thought this wedding was going to be a cheap ass wedding in a crappy park but I have to admit I was wrong. I liked the outside shooting B&B did for the wedding and the set was beautiful and very well done.

Then there were the dresses. The bridesmaids’ dresses were a bit too much for my taste. I liked the color but the flower-ish thingie was BAD. Both Brooke and Donna had their hair up, but I have to say Donna’s hairdo was so bad. Brooke’s was ok, still not her best look.

On to the bride! Since it’s a Spencer/Logan wedding and with Ridge designing the wedding dress, we thought Katie was going to walk down the aisle in one unique dress that every woman in LA would die to have. When Katie finally showed up at the wedding, with Stephen giving her away, I was shocked to see her in a very simple dress with simple hairdo. Then I realized that it makes sense because this is Katie Logan we are talking about. Katie never was much of a fashionista like her sisters, so I can understand Ridge thinking she would want her dress to be simple. Now the only thing I did NOT like about Katie’s look was the strand of pearls in her hair.

As for guests, I thought Beth and Karen both looked very beautiful. Karen was so beautiful she made me wish Johanna Johnson would join the show again and give us one new triangle with Brooke/Ridge/Karen. Wishful thinking I know!!

Even though some didn’t like Bill in the all white suit, I particularly loved it and thought he was looking hot, as usual.

Back to the wedding venue. The whole park thing wasn’t doing for it me until Katie said her vows to Bill. She showed how much the place meant to her, right outside her bedroom where she used to sit for hours alone staring at a future she was not sure about. Then I fell in love with the idea. It was Katie’s moment and she chose to enjoy her victory and prove to herself that she took her life from where she used to be all alone to now being surrounded by the people she loves and marrying the man she loves. That’s why I loved the ending of the episode with “This Is My Now” by “Jordin Sparks” playing. The song was a great choice for Katie Logan and the short shots of the young Katie were beautifully edited from Heather Tom’s early days on the sister CBS soap Y&R…

Congrats to the happy couple and best of luck to them (they are going to need it). Especially if the rumors are true about Bill having a skeleton coming out of his closet to haunt him soon… Did Katie just make the biggest mistake of her life???



What Grown Ass Women Should NOT Be Doing


I make no apologies for my adoration of Heather Tom, but I have to ponder what the hell she must be thinking while acting out her scenes as Katie on B&B as of late. It’s bad enough that Katie is now a full on Logan through and through, but now this! I decided to tune in to today’s episode only to turn it off within the first two minutes. Who is writing for this show right now? This particular scene must have been written by a man and here is why: Brooke, Donna, and Katie. Jumping up and down in slinky pajamas with drinks in their hands….enough said. Only a man could write that scene and think that it wouldn’t be a complete and utter failure….