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GH: Kiefer’s Dead, but Will Anyone Pay?

After beating Kristina to a bloody pulp once again, Kiefer paid the ultimate price for his actions. Kiefer paid with his life. I can’t think of a better candidate for death. Kiefer made Claudia look like Glenda the Good Witch. Alexis slammed into Kiefer using her car as a deadly weapon, but will she ever have to pay for killing him? This IS General Hospital we are talking about. If Sonny can get away with murder, then it should be a piece of cake for Alexis to do the same. Spoilers say that Ethan is arrested yet again for crime he didn’t commit after Lucky finds a dent in his car. Will Alexis pull a Kristina and let Ethan take the blame for her actions?

The 411 Superstar of the Week: Maurice Benard


GH’s Maurice Benard is an amazing actor, this is no secret. The fact that Sonny gets away with everything he does gives the character a bad rep. This week, Sonny’s daughter got beaten up badly and had to be hospitalized. When Kristina was questioned by Sonny and Lucky, she placed the blame on Ethan.

Sonny made a beeline for Ethan and put his pistol right up to his face, screaming that Ethan had beat up his little girl. I can’t lie, my heart literally swooned. Later, he went to Kristina and cried by his bedside as he remembered his own experience with domestic violence. Sonny’s tears became my tears and suddenly I was seeing him in a whole new light.

Kudos to Maurice Benard, Lexi Ainsworth, and Christian Alexander for making this storyline real without hitting to close to home.

GH: Storyline Done Right


There were rumblings all over the net yesterday that some fans want to boycott General Hospital after the show aired Kiefer beating the snot out of Kristina. I hadn’t seen the episode yet, and my interest was even more piqued than before. When I finally did catch the eppy, I was in shock and awe at how well done the scenes had been.

Although we could understand what was happening, GH left the graphics of domestic violence to our imaginations. After the beating, Kristina cried as Kiefer knelt before her. As in real life, Kiefer was instantly sorry for what he had done and asked Kristina why SHE made him beat her. Christian Alexander and Lexi Ainsworth deserve kudos for these scenes.

I am sure that you are all wondering why Kristina would place the blame on Ethan. My guess is that she believes Ethan would be safe from Sonny’s wrath due to his relationship with Luke. I get the feeling that she is way off base.

What did you think of GH’s domestic violence storyline? Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

Fresh on Our Radar: Nathan Parsons


When Ethan Lovett first came to Port Charles, we weren’t even sure if the actor was really Australian. In fact, some fans rejected Ethan from the start. The same could be said for his brother Lucky, who seemed to hate him on sight. Over time, Ethan has managed to form bonds with Lucky and the rest of the Spencer clan and melt our hearts at the same time. Nathan Parsons is not only easy on the eyes, but incredibly enjoyable to watch. It helps that his character brings a lightness to GH that is sometimes necessary. Did we mention he is HOT?