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Y&R: Could this be “Mama Bear”?


Y&R fans have been speculating for months the identity of Daisy and Ryder’s absentee mother. I am sure that we all thought it was Sheila Carter, back from the dead. Who else hates Lauren as much as Sheila? Although rumors were swirling that Kimberlin Brown would be returning and reprising her role as La Carter, new rumors are surfacing that Marcia Wallace will be bringing back that crazy red head Annie. Could Annie be the “mama bear” that Daisy and Ryder fear so much? Please let me know what you think. Leave your comments below. Thanks!

Y&R: Where The Hell is Sheila Carter?!


I know that all Y&R fans want to know if Sheila Carter is Daisy and Ryder’s mother. I too would like to know! The magic soap 8 ball says that all signs point to yes. No one hates Lauren like Sheila does. The problem is, it is taking too long! Every move that Daisy and Ryder make just prompt more questions to which neither of the Rat Twins ever provide an answer! Now Jana, who is being held against her will in some kind of cage, is also privy to who Mommy Dearest really is. I can’t be the only fan who feels like there has been a whole lot of build up and not a lot of delivery. However, I am still holding out hope that Sheila is creeping around Genoa City somewhere….I just wish they would let us see the back of her head, or her fingernails or something! Y&R: Give us a sign!